Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bedside Table Reading Challenge: March 2012

The Bedside Table Reading Challenge of 2012

The letter for March 2012 is:

The book on my "bedside table" that I will read for this month is.........
Suzanne Collins
The Hunger Games
I will admit that it only lately arrived on my shelf........so I am not exactly reading a book that has been sitting there for awhile.....but, it WAS on the shelf!  Even if it was only a day or so.
If you have not finished the previous month's book....keep plugging away and do the next letter when you are done....or skip a letter altogther.
Post this on your blog, if you have one........and/or leave a comment on this post, stating that you are joining in.....and what book you have chosen for this month. Please post a picture of your stack!

When you are finished reading....share a few thoughts about the book, if you wish. I will post a new letter each month.....probably in the last week of the month.......
If you have more than one title starting with the letter.......just choose one.....or choose the one first that is first in alphabetical order.
Are you in??? Please join me! Join in anytime.......

Please share with other bibliophiles......

Reading Blessings,

If you like to read in list form.......instead of conversational........

To join:
  • Post the title and the picture above on your blog post.
  • Pick the book from your stack that starts with that month's letter.
  • Pick alphabetically if you have more than one with that letter.
  • Pick up-the-alphabet if you do not have any with the chosen letter.
  • List your book choice.
  • Post a link to your post in our comments.
  • Share your thoughts about the book after reading the book, if you desire.

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  1. I read that one! Curious why you are reading it though, Chari... doesn't seem like your usual reading fare : ).


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