Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Thankfulness Tree

Most years, in November, we put a Thankfulness Tree up on the back of our front door. 

We take some of that "big-paper-on-a-roll" paper and use watercolors to paint a very large tree with branches only. 

Often we throw in a little browned grass below the tree. 

Then, using fall colors, we use the watercolors to paint a large piece of paper (from that roll). 

Using free-hand, we cut leaves from that paper.  The leaves are then placed in a cute little basket with a couple of fine markers and a tape dispenser. 

Whenever someone comes by for a visit, we encourage them to write something they are thankful for on a leaf and place it on the tree.  They can sign their names or not.  They can do it more than once in a visit, or each time they come for a visit. The following leaves are from 2009.

wirtten by a homeschool kid who likes to argue that math
 is the most important subject in life, outside of God, of course

shared by a dear friend

written by my little man, age 8

by a mom grateful to be able to "visit" with her son who was in Switzerland (me!)

expressed by a 13 yo friend

sentiments from one of my all-time best friends

My kids enjoy this, even as they age.

My visitors love it, too....once they get over being put on the spot.  : )

We keep it up till the first day of Advent.

Hmmm....maybe that would be a good place for an Advent tree, of some for baby Jesus?  Perhaps a Jesse Tree?  Maybe I should do some kind of tree for each month of the year.......inspired by the liturgical year or the natural seasons.......I may have something here!  ; )



P.S.  Here are a few others' examples:

From Karen Edminston's blog you can see handful of examples from other catholic homeschooling moms, waaaaay back in 2006

A cute one using real branches

Another sweet tree that resembles the St Valentine tree that we made last year based on Gae's blog post

and probably the best sampling is from Google images

Please leave a link in the comments if you have made or make a Thankfulness tree

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