Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Went to Disney!

Chari assured me that even though this is a lit'rary blog, our readers (who mostly know us from wayyy back) wouldn't mind the bloggy equivalent of a family vacation slideshow.  The difference is that you can click away if you want to!  I won't even know! 

The Ryan clan (what's left of us at home -- we are reduced to only five, who can fit in one hotel room) went to Disneyland last week and here are a few pictures to prove it.  Can you count Disney as literary?  Certainly lots of the rides were originally based on classic literature, even though the original creators might not recognize their characters in this form.

These particular three kids (Kieron, 15; Aidan, 12; and Paddy, almost 9) had NEVER been to Disneyland, even though we live in central California.  So it was all quite new to them and they had a good time!  Going in November when everyone is in school works well -- I don't know if the kids really realized how long you usually have to wait in line for rides, and how hot it usually is.  But we got 70 degree sunny days and short lines. 

Hotel Room -- pretty!  I took this pic in the two minutes before our stuff all landed in there!

View from our window at sunrise
Aidan and his Daddy ready to play Toy Story Arcade
Paddy as rightful heir to our family tradition of nerd cool
I like this double picture of Mickey Ferris Wheel
Paddy, tired and thoughtful on last night in California Adventure Park
Ice Cream Break
Paddy at Paradise Pier
A Disney castle
See, there is a literature tie in here. 
There was a row of these in an Italian restaurant we ate at -- I liked the way they looked
C3PO at the Star Tours-- and it turns out that TWO of my kids are Rebel Spies -- they probably all are, but Darth Vader hasn't figured it out yet.

The picture didn't turn out great, but I liked the Rube Goldberg look of this contraption, and you can never have too many pictures of Mickey Mouse (or his sweet feminine counterpart)
So here is one more


  1. I love seeing your family at one of my favorite places to visit! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Nicole from CanadaDecember 1, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    What a wonderful time together. Enjoyed the pictures!


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