Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photos for May: Deck Life

Can you see the squirrel in the picture?    We call that the Classic Squirrel Pose.   When we fostered our little Douglas squirrels last summer, it was so cute to see the juveniles, when given a seed, become miniature facsimiles of their adult relatives.    Yes, we are easily entertained around here.  

I have been slowly going through the house trying to make things nicer.   This is what the deck looks like now.   Paddy wanted a couch outside so we could do our morning reading while watching the animal life.    It took a while, but finally I brought out this old basket loveseat (a hand me down from my mother in law) and installed it on the deck.  The pink chair is Clare's.    Unfortunately, right after I set up this Outdoor Reading Center, we got a cold spell, and no one wanted to be outside.  But we still have the whole summer! 


  1. An outdoor reading nook sounds divine! I really need to move to a more nature-happy place.

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  3. Wow this deck is beautiful. I recently bought new chairs and metal table bases for our deck and i love them! Couldnt be happier with our new deck. Thanks for the post!


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