Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A New Advent Tradition!

 Over at Catholic Inspired is a tradition that I hope I remember to try this year.  It helps that I already own the Playmobile set.  I expect that you could use any Nativity set that you have on hand.

 Go check it out........it's the "wise men looking for baby Jesus", a good activity in imitation of that Elf on the Shelf.........which never worked well for us since we don't "do" Santa at our house.

My only issue is.......my only "child" at home is now 12 years old.  I am pretty sure that I may be able to have him buy into it..........especially if it is fun and humorous.

Thank you, Jennifer, for the inspiration!  I definitely need a little bit of new tradition infused into our season.

God bless!


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