Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 3

Wow. Have I really just kept up with three weeks of these 7 Quick Takes? 

      I decided that today I would focus my takes on seven (well, maybe most of them) photos taken on my iPhone in the last week or so.......
       I really, really , really want to beg prayers for my sweet friend Micki!  She was diagnosed over New Year's with an aggressive lung cancer.  She is such a healthy person.......not sure why this is happening to someone so young and healthy.  I have known and loved Micki for over twenty years.  Please beg she is one of those people who can be cured from this cancer.  Her family needs her for many more years yet.  Right now she is extremely ill. And could really use the prayers.  Her story and guestbook is on this Caring Bridge website.  Please leave a message of prayer for her family, if you feel inclined.  It will only take a moment.

        My husband was looking for a new car for my daughter to use while she is going to school in San Francisco. And then, he was going to try to find a small car to replace my aging Honda......that is currently too old to take outside of town driving.  Due to a set of unexpected circumstances, he found my car first.  So, he will be taking it this weekend to my daughter to use while he tries to find a car for her.  I am pretty excited!  My old Honda has dents and windshield cracks from a deer hitting it.......the driver's window will not open (torture for me who likes fresh air regardless of the season).......and other general issues for an old car.  It will be wonderful to have a new (new to is a 2006) and a safe one!  The old Honda has no airbags.  That really bothers me. Would you believe that less than twelve hours after my husband brought the new Honda home, the old one refused to start???  As soon as he can bring my new Honda home to stay, it will be so nice to have a reliable and safe car to drive out of that my travel companions are so few.....that I rarely need to drive the Yukon XL.

         If you follow me on Facebook or probably remember all the wild turkeys I ran into last spring while I took my exercise walk.  This week when I went to drop off my youngest son for a play date....we passed the wild turkeys on the way.  On the way back.......I got a couple of photos of Turkeys Crossin' the Road. And you can see the lovely road I get to walk on.....and sometimes drag Willa along when she visits.  It is also the exact spot where I bumped into the bear last year. You know that derailed my walking into that part of the neighborhood for a while.  Still have only been back there twice on a walk.....because I actually had a walking companion on those days.

         I Pinned something to one of my Pinterest boards....or saw it on Pinterest.....and in the background of whatever the photo was about, I saw a mantle decorated with glass balls for Christmas.  I drove down to Rite myself some glass balls for half-price....dug around in my  ribbon collection and luckily had one ribbon that could work....and proceeded to decorate my windows in this way........the tree was in the middle of this window.  I know it looks pretty simple and plain here........but, it turned out pretty cute and festive. Yay me!  I actually did something inspired by Pinterest!  ;)

     I used to bake a lot. I have always baked better than I could cook.  But in the past decade, I have baked only a couple of times a year.  Why????  because baking involves calories that I do not need....and really cannot afford.  And I have no willpower for "eating just one"....or a few.  I eat them till they are gone.  So, I just do not bake.  But every once in awhile.......I cannot fight the urge to have something. Last week.....I was wanting something sweet in the house.......but I could not think of what that should be.  Till my niece mentioned oatmeal cookies on a Facebook post.  Well, you know that I could not stop thinking about them after that!  My step-mother always made her oatmeal cookies using the recipe on the Quaker Oats round box.......and she always sprinkled them with nonpareils.  Num.  I love these cookies.  They almost taste healthy.....with all those oats.  And they were the perfect sweet for this week.


      We do not have any cats.......but in spite of that fact, there are about ten cats that live at my house.  Basically, they are barn cats.......except that we do not have a, they are garage cats.......except that last summer my husband kicked them out of the garage.  Either way.....they are feral. He made them little box condos in the dog pen.  They like their new home.  We do feed and water them. A handful of them are tame and loved to be picked up and loved are two who managed to get into the garage with the dogs.  It was really cold.  One was laying on top of the other for warmth.  They were like that for hours.  Willa's Aidan loves my cats.  I think Brendon and Paddy like them, too. This is for Aidan.

     Somebody posted this "SELFIE" post on Facebook.  I just love it!  So true!

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      I really like the idea of using pictures I have taken to stimulate me to thoughts for what to write.  It worked out well.  Have a blessed day!
 PS  I leave you with a random baby photo of my great-niece who will be two weeks tomorrow! Hope her mom does not mind me post an Aunt-bragging photo without her permission.  ;)



  1. Praying for your friend Micki. And what good news to have a safe car to drive.

    The selfies I had to LOL. My sons are going to love those!

    1. Yes! Those "selfies" are hilarious. It is definitely not a new idea. ;)

      Thank you so much for the prayers for Micki. She is so very ill. Scary ill.

      Even better news on the husband already found a car for my I should be able to drive mine in a few short weeks instead of a few short months. So excited!

      Thank you, Jenn, for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      Have a blessed day!


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