Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prayerfully Yours

     This is our first official blog-prayer request. Please feel free to email one of us and we can add your request to our list.

     Prayerfully Yours will be our prayer announcement. We will send it out at least once a month or more if needed.

     This initial request is for a mutual friend of mine and Willa's. We know her from our annual Catholic Homeschool campout (Willa is just reading about it here since I have not yet told her  :)   ).

     Her first grandchild was born quite premature a few days ago. He appears to be doing fairly well, but we well know that the road to the final due date can be difficult at times. He was 29 weeks 5 days gestation. His mom has an infection and can use some prayers, too.

     His name is Elijah Hunter.

     His grandmother has promised to send frequent pictures so I will update in our prayer requests. 


     Please also continue to pray for Matthew Wise .  He is most definitely not out of danger.


     Willa & I are great prayer warriors.  Do send us your requests and we would be happy to add them to our list, annonymous or not.



One more thing.......I am forced to be on an internet fast at home until November 27th due to a monthly limit of service.  I will try to post when I can, either at work or at the library.

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