Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thankfulness Times Ten

      Research shows that folks who use journaling to write what they are thankful for........instead of just a place to vent, find their lives are more happy, more satisfying. So, we will use this somewhat monthly column to share.........and be more happy and satisfied!  : )

     These are the guidelines we have for this thankfulness theme……

     Just find ten things we are thankful for, in the moment.There are no rules......we may go over ten, if we cannot help ourselves......we may repeat ourselves over time.....and, we will write in no particular order of importance. If you feel inspired to do the link yourself here in the comment section.  We can spread the happiness.

     With the introduction of this column, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2011 as a focus for our thankfulness.........

     Not in any particular order, we are thankful for.....

1. The abundance of time to spend with my husband & quality time with my offspring.  Unemployment can bring many blessings, and this is one that has been ours, even in spite of the hardship it may also be at know, too much of togetherness...... ~Chari

2.  Job and schooling opportunities for husband and children.   God must have wanted the Ryans to have a northern outpost.  First my oldest son got a job up in Oregon, then my husband also got a job up in the same area, then my high-school and college-age sons both relocated up to the same area to go to school there.  This has meant a chance to reconnect with old friends and has brought some new adventure into our lives.  ~ Willa 

3.  To my husband for the amazing opportunity to have an amazing sixteen days in Hawaii with my two youngest daughters. We saw so much and learned so much.  While there, we welcomed a new nephew into the family at a lovely wedding in Maui and we made wonderful memories with my sister and her family on Oahu.  Oh!  how do I miss Hawaii!!! ~Chari

Sarah & Maddelyn in Oahu, Summer 2011

4.  My Mom's great example of trust in God during illness, and for my great brothers and their wives and children.   My mother was diagnosed with cancer last spring and while I would much prefer her to be healthy, her health challenges have brought our family closer.  I pray to be as patient and trusting as she is if and when I am enduring sickness ~ Willa

5.  The wonderful memories we made during a week long visit to San Diego in the summer.  My husband's sister brought a new brother/uncle into our family at their beautiful and lovely wedding at the San Diego Mission.  The wedding was only a day, but the celebration was a full week.  All of my husband's siblings made it for the wedding, with their spouses and many of their children.  My 87 year- old father-in-law had 19 of his 24 grandchildren present as well as five of his great-grandchildren. Though cousins may not have grown up together, they met and related as if they had been best friends their whole lives........ages 9 years (my little man is the youngest) up to 37 years.  They worked as an amazing team preparing for the wedding reception and then played the rest for the week.  Memories were made at the beach, the zoo, on an aircraft carrier and over many, many community meals.  It was probably our best family reunion ever.  And totally spontaneous.  We just love our family and cannot wait to see them all again. ~Chari

My family with the bride, my husband's sister, Aunt Beth

6.  After last winter, when our mountain area was buried in snow from November to June, I prayed for a respite this year.   And indeed, we have had a very mild winter so far -- like an extended fall, my favorite season of the year! Looking out my window at bright blue skies and green conifers, I remember last New Year's Day when we were outside all day with the snow-blower.  I know there are good things about snow, too, but right now am rather happy about our green Christmas ~ Willa

7.  A well-paying job..........I am so grateful that even though I have to put in more hours at my job, at least I can make a significant contribution to the bill-paying pot. ~Chari

8.  Technology that makes it easier to communicate, connect, read and write . This was the year when I got a Netbook, a Kindle and an IPhone.  Social media can be a problem but it can also be a blessing, and I have felt many of its blessings during this last year  ~ Willa

9.  This fun opportunity to write with one of my favorite homeschool moms......and one of my favorite friends...........I think you can guess to whom I am referring : ) .......... ~Chari

10.  Our wonderful Catholic Faith that makes everything in life so rich in hope and grace. Which incidentally is one of the things that I have in common with my co-blogger!   It is such a blessing to be able to pray for each other and know it really makes a difference.   ~ Willa

The sanctuary of the San Diego Mission.....
the first of the Californian missions built by Saint Junipero Serra in the late 1700's

Bonus thankfulness: We both got iPhones the same week!  Unbeknownst to either of us....our husbands, in the same week, each bought an iPhone for us (the respective wife!).  It has multiplied our ability to communicate with each other immensely........we can "visit" a couple times a week....or even in one day.......instead of by telephone once a month, or less. 

Love it!!!

Deo Gratias

New Year Blessings to you and yours,

                                          Chari & Willa


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