Friday, April 27, 2012

But In What Language?

No, this is not about the Five Love Languages, though Chari and I do want to blog about that sometime!

I have been doing WAY more blog-reading than usual  in the last week or so and while hopping from link to link found Betty Duffy's blog.  It is good reading and I added it to my Reader, but it was the header that pulled me in.   I keep going back to look at it and laugh and sigh.

So totally my life here with six boys, a husband, and one daughter whose presence I miss while she is off at college.   Even our dog, who is no longer with us, was a male.

That in turn  made me think about something else, somewhat related, that has been causing me unease on a subconscious level for quite a while.   Now that it's up on the surface, I am laughing about it a little, and maybe now I can deal with it and let some of it go.   It's not altogether a bad thing, after all.  

I think pictures would show you something of what I mean:

Total happiness for my crew is like this:

Guns to shoot brothers with!

Lots and lots of guns
A Battle is About to Begin!   Even more happiness!
Immersing Yourself In Video Games
Especially if the 25 year old TAC grad brother joins in 
Carefully staging your coolers with a shared activity
Having ALL your coolers clustered around you

Crayon-sketching Chari's Yukon (with tire detail) and taping it onto your mom's greatroom picture window

Total happiness for me is more like this:

Pens and Paper!
A Devotional Manual to Read
Pretty  Colorful Things 
Soft Comfortable Things
And time to sit in more comfortable soft things!

So you see,
Yes,  we try, but  in what language?
 After the Tower of Babel, the peoples split apart and could no longer understand each other.   With Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down and that which had been divided was reunited by grace.   A family is like a microcosm of the Church;  daily we are working to understand each other in spite of our differences, by grace.

And after all, where else but in a gun battle can brothers from 19 to delayed 12 year old to 9 year old all have a good time, get some exercise and bond?  Where else but in our own domestic church can a convention of coolers be seen working together in harmony?    

We all agree that Kieron's peanut butter cookies speak the universal language of happiness though

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  1. Sweet, and rather timely....for my think about. :)

    I miss your house!!


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