Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strewsday Tuesday: What's In Our Closets?

I love this Making It Count feature from Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things.  It made me start thinking about Making It Count in relation to strewing and to my spring decluttering efforts.

After so many years of homeschooling, even after several purges, I still have a lot of homeschool stuff that has made the cut more than once.   Too often, I find these things (books, kits, art supplies, whatever) during my spring inventory and think, "Oh that's right, I was going to use that this year!"  And then of course, I put it somewhere and it goes out of my mind till the next year when I do the same thing, or else finally decide I am going to give it away since if it's sat there this long without being used, it probably just wasn't for us.

It occurs to me though that part of my problem is just forgetting, or getting caught up in the flow of things.  Maybe I can actually profile something I found in my closet or shelf.   Take a picture, talk about what I am going to do with it or what we did in the past.   Then this summer and  fall I can easily go back and see what I listed, and maybe actually, gasp, use the thing.

This week I'm sharing these:

In spite of their appearance, which is that of hanging planters, they are Easter baskets.

Last fall I burned our dollar store Easter baskets in the wood stove.  I don't remember what I was thinking, but I was probably trying to get rid of excess stuff around the house.  Or something.

 So when I got home from Alaska just before Easter, I realized I would have to buy new baskets for my kids as well as for the two friends Clare was bringing home from college.  Eight baskets would be needed.

When I went to the Dollar Store I did find some baskets, but I also found planters, and I suddenly had a sort of vision.  I could dual-purpose the planters, use them as Easter baskets and then use them again as flowerpots or lettuce nurseries or mini-herbal gardens.

This is roughly what they looked like on Easter:

This is what our deck looks like now (it's the sunniest spot on our lot and where I had my micro-gardens last year)    Hey, the snow has reportedly melted in Wasilla, Alaska, but here in central California it's still right here with us, if you live above the mile high marker:

So the planters can wait!

And I know eventually they can look like this, which truly reminds me of what Easter stands for:

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