Monday, July 9, 2012

I Have Done the Math And......... looks like I will be having company at my house from ..................................July 1st through August 7th.


I believe that means my idea of a summer of decluttering will now become a summer of maintaining

Good thing we love having company here!    :)

Sooooooo, I am writing this post to say that I have given myself permission to write short and not-so-meaningful posts for the next month or so.....because I will not be able to blog otherwise.......and because it is very hard for me to blog short and not-so-meaningful.  :)

Snickerdoodles.......a tradition for every 4th of July for us....
....and new addition:  chocolate buterscotch chip cookies....
....mmmmmmmmm!  Those are the start of a new tradition!

I filled my freezer with cookie dough! we can have cookies at the spur of the moment for the next month.  Yay, me!

Sooooooooo, if you can please forgive me any haphazard blogging that I manage to accomplish.....and random pictures that I am able to share, I would most appreciate it. 

We are making memories here.  :)

The visitors:

dear friends from San Francisco-one week
two nephews and two nieces with two niece (17 years) and one nephew (14 years) stayng for 2.5 weeks
Catholic homeschool campout friends-one week
Willa & most of her offspring-one week
my dad with a dear friend of my daughter, a 17 year old-a few days
another niece, 13 years old-two weeks
an internet friend-a few days

................and these are only the ones I know about!  :)

Thankfully, this is possibly the first summer e.v.e.r. that I have no plans to travel from home.......

Summer blessings to you,


PS  I hope to sneak away now and then to the library for a bit of organized blogging......we shall see....

I hope!  I miss it!

I am still taking nature walks and still taking pictures.....occasionally, an amazing picture.  :)


  1. Whew! Have a great summer!

    1. Thanks, Faith! It was great fun....lots of nature walking....showing off the area. Kept meals and other stuff simple. I think it went well.

      Wish it could go on longer...not ready for summer to fade away.....

  2. Sounds busy :-) How lovely it would be to visit you! We freeze cookie dough also, but form it into the balls on a cookie sheet, pop it in the freezer, and when the cookie balls are frozen, transfer to the ziplock bag. That way, we can bake however many we need without waiting for the dough to thaw ;-)

    1. We were going to make the balls and then freeze, Beate.....but it had got late....and we were exhausted form all of the kitchen work. In the has still worked out great. Still have some in the freezer.......hopefully someone will come by for tea soon, unexpectedly, and I can just pull them out :)

      Blessings to you, Beate!

  3. That's what happens when you live in paradise! Enjoy!! :)

    1. Very funny, Anne!!!

      Most years we have few visitors......usually only Willa :)

      We BEG people to come see us! I even beg Willa! haha

      .....but this

  4. And I wish I had stayed a few more days...I could have weeded that garden for you! Cooked dinner :) I so loved my stay though it was so short, thank you for a lovely and welcoming time :)

    1. It WAS a short visit...but it was very nice to have you are welcome back any time! We never had time to weed while you were here! :) In the end, my husband went crazy one afternoon and got the whole thing weeded.....except a row or two....unforunately, we rototilled my newly seeded rows. I am hoping for a mild fall so I can get a bit more out of that garden. WORSE garden luck ever for me.....

      You can come cook dinner for me anytime :)

  5. HA! Turns out I did the math WRONG! Last week, I realized it had been every day but one......since June 17th when Willa came to visit!

    Silly me.

    Looks like our end of August people are not making it up here after all.....we will miss them....but busy, busy really starts tomorrow. It will be okay.


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