Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Mountain in July

Linking this post up with Elisa's
....just a little late for a Friday nature walk.  :)


These are random nature pictures from the month of July.......I have hundreds of others. 
I plan to bother you all with those eventually  :)

For now.....various views of the mountain....and the surrounding area........

I have no idea what kind of flower this is......but it is fascinating to watch it grow and bloom and wither.  This particular plant is located on my road......and back when I was being good and getting a daily walk in......I snapped this photo.

The moon was rising over the local lake on the 4th of July......
......moon reflection and a couple of boats, waiting for the awesome fireworks.

We have lived here over twenty years,
but this was the first time we visited one of the local dams. 
What great views! 
You can even see The Mountain from there!

The view from the dam, to the west.....

The following are views to the east, from the dam, of The Mountain...

Visiting our local lake in the evenings has become a habit.....
.....we are so enjoying this time together!

The next two photos are looking toward the south.

Same lake, different day, different view.....looking to the east this time.

A sunset capture from the above spot, looking to the west, obviously. :)

A very sunny shot of The Mountain....

During one of the days of Willa's visit,
we took a small hike around part of Castle Lake, an alpine lake.
I have more gorgeous pics of this walk......but they will get their own post.

The sky pic while we were up at Castle Lake

 I love the reflecting going on in this little inlet.

The clouds were so pretty over Black Butte, near Our Hearts Haven....
...this picture taken from my front porch....

Taken while we were driving to the highest point that a car can reach on The Mountain...
...more pics of that day coming soon....

Still on the way up The Mountain, and getting closer....

Do you have a favorite???

I think mine is the first lake picture.

How about joining the Garden Party?


I cannot wait to share all of the wonderful pictures from this summer's nature walks.......

Blessings from The Mountain,


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  1. Oh, you are sooo spoiled!!! All those reflective lake pictures are just beautiful...postcard, poster, worthy! I really like them all, but the one with the logs in the water (towards the end) and the reflection of the, that one is just enchanted. Or enchanting? It's magical.


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