Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The BeeGees??? Seriously?

     When I was growing up in the seventies, I loved the Bee Gees. My stepmom was into their music and so I followed suit. I was promised by my parents that I would be taken to see a Bee Gee concert if they ever came to Los Angeles. By the time they did show up in my town.........I had moved on to different music and groups.....not that they did not have a special place in my heart. I was fifteen years old when I went to their concert. I was so embarrassed......it was 1979 and it was not cool to like them......so I never told any of my friends that I was going to the concert. :) And while I was at the concert, I kept my eye out just in case someone saw me. My step-mom informed me that was silly.....if someone did see me, it would mean they were at the concert, too. Aw, well. I never saw anyone. But, see....they might have seen me, but not let themselves be seen. See? ;)

      Anyway.......the concert was at Dodger Stadium......home of my beloved Dodgers....and a place I had visited frequently for baseball games.  For the concert, it had been transformed into something wonderful. The concert was at night...of course......and the light show was fantastic and perfectly in tune with the music. I loved that part of it.

     I was not sorry I was there......and was particularly thrilled when teen heart throb little Gibb brother made a surprise appearance.  Yep.  You guessed it.  We got an Andy Gibb mini-concert.  How much more blessed could Bee Gee fans expect to be?!

     I was so glad to have gone to that concert......and as far as I know......none of my friends ever found out about it......  ;)

....Haha.....I think I wore my ugly (but I did not know it at the time) satin Dodger jacket to the concert......who knows?  Maybe that is just a random Dodger stadium memory.....

Sooooo, back to the topic at hand....

    All of their early lives, I kept all of that music (Bee Gees and other post 50's music) out of my kids' hands, and spared their ears. I filled their souls with classical, folk, lullaby and Celtic music. And lots of it! All six of them love music.

     And now.........they listen to the Bee Gees. And like it!

     Who could have expected this?

This YouTube video is from that same concert in 1979, apparently.  I had a sneaky suspicion that I would be able to find video from that exact day....crazy world that we live in!  While it is a fun video to watch....if you don't mind the Bee Gees........I am bummed that they totally ignore the absolutely amazing light show that was happening with the beat of the song.  I still retain that memory.  Too bad I cannot remember anything of current importance.....  :/

And now, just out of curiosity......who else was a Bee Gee fan way back then?  Who still listens to them today?  Who tries not to expose their kids to the stuff?



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  1. Can't say I was a fan, but some of my friends were!

    As for my kids... this is how they know the Bee Gees Alien Saturday Night Fever


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