Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Thanksgiving Day Nature Walk

 Joining Elisa at her Friday Nature Walk........
One of the blessings on Thanksgiving day this year was the time to do a few fun things........instead of being enslaved in the kitchen.
We took the time to take some pre-dinner exercise.....and the meadow behind our house was the destination.  Just a few pictures........this meadow is beautiful year-round.
This is the view behind our property.......our roof is barely visible on the right.  The neighbor is the building on the left.

Same view as above, but a close-up of The Mountain, newly decorated with snow

Also, taken from behind our property.......but more to the right.  That is our three-story fort.

Three daughters, one friend and three aquaphile golden retrievers. Oh, and one little boy in shorts on a bike.
Walking along the railroad tracks.


Walking throught the woods. the creek, Wagon Wheel Creek.

The aquaphiles.  They have no care that it is glove, hat and coat season.

The meadow is beyond......

I love how the water reflections look like an oil painting.


Rose hips and juniper.

The meadow.  Mount Eddy in the background.

Mt. Eddy

The lone tree in its winter array.

Heck.  Who needs a trail?

The dead grass is almost tall enough to hide three large dogs.  They love this walk.
Coevered in grass seed......

So happy.
Finally. Eye contact.

My three girls.....and the view.  Black Butte to the left......The Mountain straight behind. My home is somewhere on the other side of those woods.....less than half a mile away. This is "in" my backyard.......blessed.

Anne, 24, Sarah, 19, Maddelyn, 17

Thee Mountain.  Mount Shasta. View from the meadow.

Black Butte.  An extinct volcano.


My tribute to Monet.  :)
We cross just before the train arrives......
If you ever come to visit, I promise to take you to the meadow. 
The door is always open......just ask my previous visitors.
Thanksgiving Blessings,


  1. So Lovely!
    Mountains and Meadows-all breathtaking!

    1. Thanks, Kaylana! I agree! I am always in awe of my blessing!

  2. I want to visit the meadow...what is the plant that looks like cotton balls? My favorite is the tribute to Monet.

  3. I miss your meadow!...but I especially love the shot of the girls. So lovely!

    1. Our meadow misses you! They are lovely. I love this close-up photo of them.

  4. Gorgeous! And you made the pictures big for me!! YAY!! I love your photos. So, I really didn't post a Nature Walk this week and I don't think I'll be posting them regularly anymore because I'm cutting back on blogging...trying to focus more on REAL life instead of blogging so much. But, do keep posting your Nature Walks, I still like reading them. =)

    1. Yes, Elisa! Big for you! :)

      I DO hope you will keepposting your nature take them anyway.....and they make nice moemories ofr your boys to look back on later.

      As for me.....I have taken just a few nature walks since Thanksgiving. There was an awful lot of snowfall here. Cannot reach too many trails right now, including this meadow. But, alas, I have been working so much I have had very little time to post pictures.

      Hope you have settled into a lovely routine with your hubby home.

      God bless!

  5. I just found your blog through Brandy at Afterthoughts, and CRAZY! I live right next to you! Well, not exactly--I live on Deetz, but I have walked and run past your fort many times, and love that meadow walk also. I just have two kids ages 3 years and 10 weeks, so I have barely begun my homeschool journey, but do plan to pursue it. Maybe I will run into you one day out there on the tracks...

    1. Harmony! Sorry that I have taken so long to respond. I have been working full-time and with company, holidays, work and more company....I have been neglectful of the blog.

      It must have seemed very strange to arrive at a stranger's blog to find pictures of YOUR meadow! Probably most of my nature pictures will be very familiar to you. :)

      I know exactly who you are and where you live. ;) My girls and I walk in the non-snowy seasons right past your house. I have seen your husband and little boy out playing.....and a couple of times we have seen the Summers kids happily playing. :)

      Also, you might remember that just before you had your baby, you did your admission paperwork with me at the hospital. I think we did the last one by phone? I am pretty sure that you met with me in the hospital to do the paperwork for your son.....way back when. Totally a small world, eh?

      I also noted that you are "friends" with Shawna on FB......she reads here and is one of my dearest friends. More small world.

      It was fun to look at your blog......I see familiar pictures. Of course. We walk the same roads.....the same paths.

      I would be happy to have you over for tea and a chat sometime. I have a nice homeschooling library you may peruse......and I would be happy to share ideas and answer homeschooling questions as you begin your journey.

      My kids are older now: 11, almost 16, 17, 20 in two weeks, 22 and 24......always homeschooled...and always in the same neighborhood where you live. They are great with small children......if you ever need a babysitter.....Shawna can give them great references. :)


    2. Aha! If I saw a picture of *you* on the blog I hope I would have put it together! Yes, of course I remember meeting you first over paperwork pre-Carson and then talking to you pre-Laramie. It is a small world we live in here in Mt Shasta! It's great to have you for a neighbor and I hope we can connect in person, sometime when I'm not having a baby :) Thanks for your reply; I hope you have time to keep posting here every now and then.

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures! What a great place for nature study!

    1. Thanks, Michele! This my favorite place to bring all of my homeschooling visitors. Come to see! ;)

      For years, we would go out there with a small group of homeschoolers every Thursday afternoon.....except when the snow was too high. We purposely watched the seasons change in the same kids got the best Charlotte Mason Nature Study experience in this meadow. I miss those days......I miss those little kids, who are almost all in their twenties!

      God Bless!

  7. I was just reliving this day.......through this blog post. I hope we can get out to the meadow every Thanksgiving Day. :) Or weekend, at least!

    THIS is one reason to blog our memories......


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