Monday, December 10, 2012

An Addition Lapbook for Aidan

I made a lapbook!  I thought I would post pictures since it turned out cute.

I wanted to learn how to make a simple pre-formed lapbook, since I'd never actually done one before, and I wanted a learning center for Aidan who is still trying to learn his addition facts.   So I found this nice Addition Facts lapbook template at Homeschoolshare.   They have really attractive projects over there and all free!

Here's a look at how it turned out.  It's all from the site except for the yellow-dotted strips on the right there.  Those were my form of number line so Aidan can count dots if he wants to do the calculations. 

In this view you can see another change -- the pocket with the bee on it contains domino cards from the same site linked above.  But the pocket is  my own (and I had some trouble because I hadn't learned to do pockets yet).

Here is a close-up of the dominoes which I backed with cardstock and covered with contact paper so they would be sturdier.

Here is a close-up of one of the number lines.  I made two, one numbered and one not.

I had a lot of fun doing this and Aidan and Paddy were both impressed as they watched me put it together.  I hope to do a medieval one with Paddy and perhaps a phonics one for Aidan.  I also found a post with a bunch of links for an Advent lapbook at The Catholic Toolbox

Rather than assign them the work, I've been doing the cutting, folding, gluing and arranging because I want them to get into it because they want to, if they do want to.     The way I visualize lapbooks is more like an easy reuseable review resource (wow, major alliteration there) rather than as an arts and crafts project.   I know it's very different if you have art/crafty kids, but I haven't had one of those for over a decade. 

Well, quick post, but I haven't been able to think of much to say because I've been off in Homeschool Project land.   Hope your Advent has been a blessed one so far.  I am not as behind schedule as I usually am for Christmas prep, which makes me feel very happy.


  1. Very nice! Does he have fun with it?

  2. Impressive! I've been thinking of using lapbooks like this as a "portable office" for my son... Keeping those things he has trouble remembering on it. Haven't gotten around to making it yet though. Is Aiden using his new Lapbook as much as you'd hoped?


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