Friday, December 21, 2012

History Notebook Pages

More lapbooking in a notebook!   I thought I would show you some history pages this time. 

Here is my cardstock collected through several years.   I love looking at the colors. 

These next few pages made use of a great free resource at The Chronicle of the Earth

It is a Middle Ages lapbook project based on Story of the World Volume 2.   You can print out the pdfs up to chapter 23 so far. 

I know a lot of people print mini-books out on colored paper, and I do this sometimes, but I prefer to print on white paper and then glue colored covers on the fronts of the mini-books.  This is one of the first history pages I made (I haven't filled in the insides, since I want to work through them with my youngest, and I also like to leave blank space in case we want to write or paste anything more on the page).

I had to arrange the mini-books lengthwise to make the best use of the space.  Here is an overview of a "world religion" mini-book and some more on the Muslim invasion of Spain, the Frankish empire, and Charlemagne.  We are just in the middle of this period right now in our history studies. 

Here's a detail of the "world religion" minibook. 

Here's a couple of pages that cover Vikings, the Crusades, and Britain. 

Here's another overview picture with the flaps open. 

We are also working on a timeline.  I looked at several timeline formats but my favorite was this one at Contented at Home.   I like it because it has lines, and because the time periods are just about right.   We started just filling out dates as we read about the event or person, but in order to review, I wanted to make the timeline entries in matchbook form, so my son could tell about the picture and we could fill in the inside part with his review narration. 

Here is a close-up of the matchbooks before I glued them in.

I made timeline figures using black and white images wherever possible because I don't have a color printer and the line drawings are easier to see.

Timeline Figures for Early Dark Ages
Timeline Figures for Dark Ages 2

Lastly here are a couple of simple notebook pages where I write down my son's narrations.

You can find the mini-workbooks I have made here:  

Here is a simple St Anthony and the Christ Child page I made.   We are reading the Vision book, and whenever we finish a chapter I record his brief narration.

I also made a small notebook set St Anthony of Padua (PDF)
We will work on that as review.

We haven't decided yet whether to leave these notebook pages as they are, or make them into cardstock format. 

This is so much fun, I can see how homeschoolers get addicted! : ).  And Aidan loves this kind of thing.  He already has been inspired to make his own "car" notebook all by himself and shows it proudly to anyone who comes into the house. 

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