Monday, December 31, 2012

Latin Notebook/Lapbook -- First 3 Pages

I was surprised that there weren't many lapbook or notebook pages for Latin online because that seems like such a natural.   So much repetition is necessary for language study (particularly Latin) that building semi-permanent review pages seems like time well spent.

I am working on my own but it took a long time just to do the first page.  I hope it will become easier over time as I figure out what templates to use for what kind of information.  

I am still a beginner at lapbooking, which means I can usually figure out how to do already-planned lapbooks, and even tweak the details, but I have a hard time figuring out layouts from scratch.  

For these pages I used A First Latin Book for Catholic Schools
(public domain book)

One of the nice things about making a Latin notebook, though, is that you can potentially pull pages from all sources.  I have Minimus, and Latina Christiana and an Usborne picture dictionary of Latin, and my older son is using Latin for Beginners.   There is no reason why I can't draw from them all so long as I introduce the grammar in a logical way (but most resources introduce things in the same essential order). 

Page 1 : First Declension and some Vocabulary

Here are two printables I made for Lesson 1 of the First Latin Book.  

I wanted to use pictures for the vocabulary.  I was able to find almost all of the clipart at Clipart Etc.  

You can see what the results look like below.

The declension template is complex, and I am not sure if I will do it that way next time. 

Here you can see one of the vocabulary pieces open.    You can arrange the mini-book either to show the picture on top, or the Latin word on top, so the child can memorize in different ways. 

Here is an earlier version I worked on before deciding that I liked the vocabulary words to be separated from each other.    However, it is possible to use the printable I made in this way. 

Page 2:  First Conjugation, and some Verbs

For this page, I used Latina Christiana Flashcards (Quizlet)

and made this printable Latin Lesson 2 --First Conjugation

page 3:  Present Tense of Irregular Verb "Sum" and Vocabulary

The materials for this lesson come from this printable I made:  Latin Vocabulary Lesson 2
I wasn't quite finished with the notebook page when I took this picture.

Conjugation of Sum

I made a step book for the conjunctions and adverbs in this lesson:

Other Resources
  I made a worksheet based on the First Latin for Catholic Schools, Lessons 1-2.  It does not presently have an answer key.   

However, I am slowly entering it into Quizlet where there are answers.
 Here is the first section on Quizlet.  
Here is the second section on Quizlet

I intend to add the rest during our winter holidays.  


  1. This is wonderful! I never thought of doing a Latin lapbook. Would you mind if I link this post on my squidoo page about games for learning Latin ?

    1. LLMom, I do not mind at all! Interested in checking out your Squidoo page now... Thank you for the link!

    2. Hi, Lisa! Good to see you here!! God bless!

      Love the Latin lapbook!


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