Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catechism Notebook: Adam and Eve

 I decided to make an Adam and Eve page. Here is what the page looks like.  I wanted to focus on our first parents BEFORE the fall, and the graces they were given (and later lost).

After this, I will do a page about the angels, and then one about the fall.  Then I can get into regular salvation history.
from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
As an old saying (att St Augustine) put it, the New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New.
A couple of overviews of the page:

Can you see the Catechism questions?  I put them in printable form here,   They originally came from EWTN

On the top right is a squash book, something I had never tried before.
Take a look on Jimmie's Squidoo page for instructions. 
I got the template from Heart of Wisdom's free Genesis lapbook (which also contains instructions)
On the cover I used this picture from Fr Gilmour's Bible History

Here is how it opens up (I did it differently than the instructions, and therefore ran into a problem where I would have to glue things on top of the diagonal folds.  I solved the problem by compressing the reading into two pages, but in her version it is spread over four pages, which is probably better). 

Here you can see the inside of the catechism questions, where the answers and extra notes are.
I can't seem to find a template for this one: however, I basically cut out a T-shape so the top and bottom flaps fold over the base and then the question flap folds over all of them. 

Here are the insides of a couple more catechism flaps.   I used a three-part fold for the bottom one, and a simple fold-over for the top one. 

The tree was simply a cut-out from an old scrapbooking set that a friend gave me.  I thought the page needed some color. 

I did a lot of pasting for this one, but it is fun work. 

 Aidan has obviously been watching, because last night he said he wanted to make a book, and he collected all his Mario Kart printouts from the last several months, and hole-punched some cardstock, and glued all the pictures in.    He now has TWO books, one with coloring pages of various cars and one with the pasted pictures of Mario Kart.  I will have to take pictures and post sometime, because he is extremely proud of having made TWO BOOKS. 

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