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In-Progress Unit Study on the Papacy (Link List)

I am working on pulling together resources on the papacy since hearing the news about Pope Benedict XVI resigning.   This is a very hasty list, but I wanted to post it since Friday is the Feast of the Chair of St Peter  and I suppose I'm not the only one who might want to study this topic in their homeschool.  

I will probably be adding to and editing this as time goes on since I hope to make some notebook pages using the catechism and other resources. 

I put it in the form of questions and tried to arrange it so the answers could be found in the link following the question.    Later maybe I'll pull out quotes that answer the questions.  I tried to start doing that this afternoon but our internet kicked out and I lost all my work : (


I found from Jenn's blog Family in Feast and Feria that you can join in a novena for the pope and get reminders delivered to your inbox! 


If you know of any other resources that would be useful (or can think of additional questions) please leave a comment!    Also, let me know if you find anything weird about any of the resources -- I tried to use only wholesome ones, either orthodox Catholic or solid and fair non-Catholic. 

What is a pope? 

CCC on Papacy

Who was the first pope? Who appointed him?

MCF Primacy of Peter
Notebook Pages "Jesus Makes Peter the Supreme Pastor of the Church" 

What is the job description of a pope?

 job description

What does the word Pope mean? 


Who is our pope now? 

Benedict XVI



Pope's address to children
Some Papal Quotes


A list of Pope Benedict XVI's writings
List of books he has written 

Notebook Resource:
Pope Benedict Mini-Book at ThatResourceSite

About Pope Benedict's resignation
news of resignation 
The "real story"
the news from a Baptist perspective

 Who was the last pope? 

John Paul II 

 A Unit Study on JPII 
Pope Lapbook

TImeline of Catholic Church 21st Century

Who might our next pope be?

Paddy Power Picks
Poll from Rome

St.Peter's Basilica, Vatican Stock Photo - 15270995

What are some things associated with the pope?  


"keys of the kingdom"

Chair of Peter
Feast of Chair of Peter
(February 22) 
Liturgical Year:  Feast of the Chair of St Peter

Papal Coat of Arms

Papal Name

Where does the pope live?

Vatican City State
St Peter's Basilica

How does the Church elect a new pope?

Electing a Pope
Quite nice graphics here from LA Times

Resources for CCD and home on electing a Pope
Printable:  How the Church Chooses a New Pope

Prayer and the Pope

Pope's Monthly Prayer Intentions
Prayer for the Pope
Prayers of the Popes

Jenn has a Lenten Journey with Pope Benedict XVI (from 2007) with links to several resources.

(HT Jenn) You can join in a novena for the pope and get reminders delivered to your inbox! 

A printable prayer card you can use, from Diary of a  Sower

History of the Papacy

Have any other popes resigned?

How many popes have there been so far?
List of popes

Can there be bad popes?

 How many "bad" popes?

Can popes be saints? 

Papal Saints
Pope Pius X, most recently canonized pope

What popes have been martyrs?

 Martyred Popes

Who were some early popes?

some early popes
Notebooking pages on Pope Urban IV
Resource:  A to X Quest of Catholic Popes

What are some other titles for the pope? 

Vicar of Christ (What Every Catholic Should Know)
Vicar of Christ
Holy Father
 Other Names for the Pope

Historical Source Documents
 By popes about the papacy

Leo I -- Petrine Primacy
Gelasius I on Spiritual and Temporal Power


Erin shared these links to more resources:

In the Heart of My Home: Papal Notebook
Campfires and Cleats:  Papal Resources 
Shower of Roses:  Seven Quick Takes on the Feast of the Chair of St Peter 
Catholic Icing:  Pope Activities for Children 

Also, the folks at Real Learning are collecting resources.  


  1. Oh Willa, awesome!! will have a deeper look through later.
    btw we have made a couple of your catholic notebooks:) will have to post soon

    wanting to buy some books for a papal unit.
    have come across two posts thus far

  2. Thank you Erin... I looked on Elizabeth's blog because I was sure she would be planning something like that but didn't find the post, so I am grateful for that link and the other one.

  3. These links are wonderful; thank you! I began gathering some information but got distracted, and haven't had a chance to get back to it yet. So this will be so helpful!

    You have a very nice blog; have added it to my RSS Reader.


    1. Thanks, Cheryl, I have added your blog to my reader, too. Thanks for the printable you posted; I linked to it in my post.

  4. yay! Thank you so much for this! We are doing a pope study too... great thing to keep us out of homeschool burnout in the dreaded month of february and Lent.

    1. Thanks, Melanie! Chari and I would love you to leave a link if you post anything about your study. I bet the graces from all the prayers going out for our pope will be a huge blessing for all of us and for the Church this Lent and beyond. When Pope John Paul II passed away and Pope Benedict was elected, it left such a huge miraculous mark on my family that I am still noticing it.

  5. Willa
    another link for you:)

  6. I have been getting Novenas to my inbox for months, for a whole year, from that link. It is very handy!!

    Thanks for gathering the links, Willa!!!


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