Friday, February 15, 2013

That's My Boy!

That's my boy!  Number 10!
Starts for the Mt Shasta Bears JV team.
This amazing photo (more amazing in person) was unexpectedly gifted to his coach last week.
Apparently, a friend of the coach came to see an away game, snapped some photos...including this amazing action shot of my boy........and two months later, hard copies of the photos showed up in the coach's mail. Totally unexpected.  Coach did not even know the the pictures were taken. 
The coach got a large photo of this......and has framed it. 
Nice compliment, eh?
I love the serious, I-must-get-this-ball-now look on his face. 
I love the musculature of his arms.
Lovely gift.
Basketball season blessings,
(PS  For the moment, this is an iPhone photo of the photo....I will update it with a beter photo of it as soon as I you can see the amazing musculature.  :)  )


  1. What a great photo! Will you frame a copy for your wall, Chari? Over here, we talk about photos like these and medals as 'going to the trophy room'!

    God bless, Chari:-)


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