Monday, January 21, 2013

Just a Wee Bit of Literary Pathetic-ness......

I am so busy or overwhelmed or tired I have not been able to find time for blogging (maybe you noticed?) or...... Gasp............reading.

They miss me at the library. I really miss them.....

I am so pathetic that when I had ten minutes to kill at the library, I perused the "New Arrivals" shelf....... and checked out three books....... three books that I know that I have no time to read.

I only checked them out so I could stare at them and long for a time to read them.

That last part was the pathetic part.

Yep. I told my oldest daughter that was why I checked those books out. Her look validated how pathetic I am.

My name is Chari. I am a bibliophile. I think it is sad that I am too beyond the ability to read right now.

I keep having flashbacks to the last three Januaries. I started the last three years off with such excellent titles. 2011

I guess this is a literary dry period. I have had them before. Rarely. But I have had them. I keep trying to fix it.

It just came to me. Perhaps I will pick out a saint biography for my Lenten read. Lent starts in a month. Maybe that goal will give me a place to start.......

.......which reminds me. Willa, are you done with that St Charles Borromeo bio that I lent to you a year or two ago? If you have not read it. You should.

Also, and now off-subject..... But I have a chunk of days off in February. If I don't go anywhere, maybe you should come for a visit? Just thinking out loud......

In the meantime, and back to the subject at hand......

Here are the three books I scooped up......

They all look so interesting. Maybe after all of these working days, I can at least introduce myself more formally to each book, before I am forced to return them.

Have any of you read these titles?

A review of the above title

I have been warned that this above author may be a bit modernist for my tastes.......

And this is the one I most want to read......and I may just do so.
Love the title.
It has its own Wikipedia page.
  This post is a bit of a ramble........mostly because I was writing it on my iPhone during a lunch break.  On this day, I found a very quiet little abandoned room at the hospital where the sun shines in a large window and warms up the atmosphere of the room. I may find myself hiding in there for each break until it warms up enough to take my breaks out of doors.  It is a plave very conducive to iPhone blog rambling.

Literary Blessings, 

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  1. The only one I've read is The Jesuit Guide which I didn't really find modernist, even though I kept expecting to because I know he was editor of America magazine. But I guess I just missed that. He loves St. Ignatius and he loves being a priest and the book is really a delightful read, imo. The other two books look very tempting! I can see why you picked them up! Right now I'm going through a dry sort of period myself, but I am dealing with it by reading children's literature which is quite fun. Right now I'm in the middle of Robin Hood and I am enjoying myself. I hope you get your reading groove back soon, Chari!


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