Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Mixture of Links

Aidan is very excited about making a cake for his big sister's birthday.   She is home from college for a few days so we get to celebrate with her.   Chocolate cake with Oreo frosting, that goes without saying!

I am going to do a quick list of some of the blog posts I have especially enjoyed recently, and then go off and help him set up the Kitchen-Aid. 

 The Mad Mother's Tea Party

--  required reading during the homeschool catalog season, especially if catalogs make you crazy. 

February Planning Thoughts

-- I love reading other mothers' brainstorming about their homeschools.   From Sally T at Castle by the Sea.

Barebones Homeschooling

--  Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things has a 1 year old, and is expecting twins, but even if you don't expect to have 3 dear babies by this summer it's useful to ponder what is essential and what can be dropped if necessary.   Lots of good advice in the comments. 

 Top 15 Unschooling Necessities

-- more on what is really important, from MacBeth's Opinion.

A Curriculum for Bards

-- and still more on the essentials, from Life, Books and Education.

A Notable Quote

 Fr Stanley Jaki,  by way of Catholic science/philosophy blog Deeps of Time
“There is an immense philosophical message in the fact that integers, on which rest all the procedures of measuring, must be defined in non-quantitative terms. In a sense much wider than this may appear, in the beginning was the word."
Remembering Birthdays

 -- great tutorial from Angie at My Gray Stripes.    I am going to do this. 

Lent for Children

--  a child's printable devotional for Lent, and more, from Jenn at Family in Feast and Feria.

The Educative Value of Teasing

--  interesting take at Psychology Today.    I have boys, so I am constantly discerning the difference between educative teasing and the less edifying kind.

Teasing gets a bad rap, especially in educational circles, because of its association with bullying.  But not all teasing is bullying.  In fact, in most settings (maybe not in our typical schools), teasing serves positive ends far more often than negative ones. ...

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  1. Fun links, Willa! I love this post! Give us more! ;)


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