Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Took Myself Out For Lunch

      While the kids were at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival seeing My Fair Lady, I took myself out for lunch at a cafe with free Wi-fi......and I started this blog post then. It was a delightful couple of hours, with yummy, healthy food, but it was cut short and I was unable to complete this post because I met my oldest daughter for our daily exercise walk.

To the right is my view of downtown Ashland while partaking of my coffee and vittles.. And below, is my lunch.......which I made into two meals by saving half of it for dinner. I did not want to be stuffed on my walk. That ended up being a good move.

Here are a few photos from our exercise........taken in the well-known Lithia Park.......

Haha.....I just kept slowly walking up on this duck......just to see how close I could get a picture before he was too wary of me.......this was his final allowance.

This was a beautiful house seen from our walk.  I wants it.

 I just love finding reflections in the water.

These photos were taken with an iPhone......there were more......but they seem to have you are spared.  ;)

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