Sunday, July 28, 2013

Four Posts in Seven Days

When  I  started the seven posts in seven days challenge I was careful to stipulate "unless life throw me a curveball or I forget entirely,"  I have learned to say that kind of thing before I commit to something regular publicly, because life does so often throw curveballs.   Or is it the other way around, that curveballs come because I expect them to?  Either way, this time I did get hit with a series of unexpected events, to the point where today is the first time I've sat down with a keyboard, and even then, it is a mini keyboard, a bluetooth accessory for my Nexus, which is a step better than its native digital keyboard, but only a step better.

The series of unexpected events can't be recounted because it concerns the stories of other people, and you know what Aslan says about not telling other peoples' stories.   But I can say that early Saturday some of us drove up to Oregon to pick up my husband and tomorrow we are going to head back down.  And I will add that for the time being everyone is fine, though if you want to pray generally, please know that I will appreciate it and pray for your intentions as well, whatever they are.

I have a dear friend who prays constantly and often embarks on novenas.   A novena, of course, is a series of Nine Prayers in Nine Days, a traditional devotional practice which is modeled after the prayers of the apostles in the time period between the Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

Anyway, my friend is never discouraged when something weird happens during the nine day frame to prevent her from officially completely the Nine Prayers in Nine Days.   She has a fancy that these sometimes weird obstacles or outcroppings into a prayer regimen are the very moments where grace displays itself.  It is rather like "My Strength is perfected in weakness,".

I don't entirely understand her idea, but I often think of it because I often get my plans interrupted by things, and I am inclined to blame it on my natural distractibility and laziness/ lack of follow through, but her idea gives me another way to think about it that isn't quite so self obsessed.

(I can't figure out how to do hyphens on this mini keyboard, and this makes me realize how much I rely on hyphens because in this single post I've already had the opportunity to use 4 hyphens).

So I didn't get around to finishing the 7 Posts in 7 Days, but I did write 4 Posts, which is probably better odds than I would have accomplished otherwise, if we are just counting success in terms of number of posts published.    And I am going to try to post more frequently during the rest of this summer, trying to get back into the habit of blogging.  

Anyway, I'm glad Jen started the challenge because I liked reading blog posts by some bloggers who wrote outside of their normal territory because they had to write every day.   So the Challenge itself was a good thing even though I didn'tnecessarily do the greatest job on it.   Take care!

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