Monday, January 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 1

Yes.  On Monday.  :)
I am thinking.......if I am going to ramble on TUAR, I might as well attach myself to 7 Quick Takes.  That being said.......I have a difficult time writing short snippets of anything......we will have to see how I can cope with the quickness factor.  I do realize that it is Monday.  I am well-known for being late.  Who knows, maybe sometimes I will be early.  Willa can do her own seven on her own post......or she can attach her seven to my seven.....or whatever she wants......whenever she wants...


Meet my new great-niece, Eris Renee, born in Hawaii on 1-11.  Born to the oldest daughter of my younger sister, the middle one.  This is her second grandchild in less than five months.  She is blessed.  This increases the number of girls in our girl-saturated family. Isn't she sweet? 
And a great lil nurser, I hear. We are so excited she has finally arrived!
Congratulations to Alexis & Alby!

Last weekend, I was messing around trying to find out if I was going to be able to watch Downton Abbey in a timely manner......I discovered my new favorite place to watch video. Not sure why it took me so long to figure this out.  I was raised on PBS and loved many of their shows while I was growing up.....and nursing my first baby. Thrilled to watch the Call the Midwife Christmas special......the Broadway or Bust, three episodes of very talented high school kids competing for a scholarship award.......and several documentaries later......I am pleased to have some intelligent TV to watch.  I have also downloaded their app for my phone.
As long as we are talking TV......we have not had free television in our house for over a decade......and before that, only had one fuzzy station (at least it had reruns of Little house on the Prairie & Star Trek: The Next Generation) .........and it has only been just over a year that our internet situation was able to improve enough to have any streaming.  So strange that we can watch anything that the internet has to offer.  A blessing and a burden. For sure.

I am in the midst of assisting offspring number four to apply for colleges.......while she is out of the country in Slovakia as a Youth Exchange Student.  Since the last application is due February 15, we are getting closer to closing this chapter in my life. So looking forward to other projects to work on.

This time last week, I was so, so, so sick.  I came down with the influenza and it knocked me out for four whole days.  I actually slept about 22 hours a day for four days.  I had to call in sick to work for two days....I had to cancel my childbirth class (I teach).......and sadly, I had to cancel my trip to Reno, Nevada to see my mom and my dad and the rest of my family.  It had taken me five months to find days off that were not filled with other responsibilities, and WHAM!, gone just like that.  Thanks be to God I had a light schedule this week already scheduled for my recovery....which is going entirely too slow. I am still quite short of breath and my energy is on the top side of low. I do not work till next Thursday other than a childbirth class to that will help.  But I have oral surgery on Tuesday morning.  Hope it does not set me back too much.

Weighing heavy on my mind:  Special prayers requested for two close friends fighting very serious cancer issues:  Patty and Micki.  There is also a local little homeschool family who has a toddler fighting leukemia.  And lastly, there are two school-age children fighting brain passed away this week, and the other has entered Hospice this week, with an expectancy for less than three months......please add all of these intentions to your prayers.

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  1. Your grand-niece has the same birthday as Kieron, my father in law, and my grandmother in law : ). An auspicious day!
    Saying a St Peregrine novena right now for Patty and Micki. I am on Day 5.

    1. I forgot to tell Kieron happy birthday!

      Thank you for praying for my dear friends!!!

      I heard that Micki is on a ventilator right now. :(((((((


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