Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume Four

   Good morning from my front porch!
Every morning, a new painting from Our Creator.
What Blessings He bestows!
      Just before Christmas, my oldest daughter and I were at the mall getting some coffee in Starbucks. This box of tea was sitting on the tempted me, and when I saw that I was getting it for 40% was mine.  It reads: A jubilant blend of black tea, oolong, jasmine green tea with a hint of peach. Yep.  That was it.  Oh, I fell in love the flavor......wishing that I had bought both the tins sitting on that counter. I was drinking the tea almost daily.........and on the day that I was grieving over the fact that my time with this tea was daughter found that I had another tin of the same tea, different packaging......apparently left over as a gift from last Christmas.  How did I miss that???  I am enjoying the blessing of those extra 19 tea sachets......hoping that they will be back for me next year!

      I teach childbirth classes every other month. I am in my thirteenth year. When I took this photo of the room in which I teach, all set up and ready to go, it was 6pm.....start of class, and not one person had arrived.  They all waltzed in five minutes late.  Anyway......just posting this photo for a memory shot of where I spend some of my time.......

        My goal is at least four miles of walking for my daily exercise on as many days a week as I can manage (any day off from work)........when I am not recovering from the flu and I am up to speed.  I have been walking as many days as I can this last week or so, even though my body and lungs are not fully recovered, but I do not want to lose my momentum want to regain my momentum.  Because I live in a rural area, most of my walking.....nay, all of my walking takes place as a nature walk as well.  I am forced to resist the urge not to photograph every last thing that I find beautiful or interesting.........but yesterday afternoon, I captured this photo of how these flowers over-winter.  They are so beautiful....and ubiquitous here. I have to honestly say that I have no idea what they are.......but I love them better in the winter than when fresh.  :)  I got 2.5 miles yesterday!  I am so pleased to take advantage of our April January. :/

           Last week, I heard my dogs barking and when I looked out the window, I saw a young red-headed, long-haired, but well-kempt boy trying to enter my drive-way, trying to be brave in the face of two large Golden Retrievers barking in his path.  He looked about ten or eleven years old. I went out to save him from those vicious retrievers (not).  I heard him holler over the din that he was selling something. He carried a metal box, rectangular, but not very thick. As the dogs quieted, I could hear him:  "I am selling jewelry that my mom and I made.  I am selling them because we are living in our car.  She lost her job because she got hurt."  We turns out that he and his brother are being homeschooled, through the same charter school that my little guy goes through.....and four of my kids have graduated from.  I asked if the school knew he was living in his car......he said his teacher did.  In the end, his story seemed very believable.......and my heart was wrenched.  I bought this sweet bracelet.  And I never buy anything from anyone who comes to the door........Please pray for the little guy.  I never saw anyone else with son later saw him walking the road a mile away.

        Oh, be still my heart. Big brother made morning coffee for the little brother who was reading on the couch. Then they went to the front porch swing to enjoy the morning sun together, coffee mugs in hand.

      I believe that while they sat in the lovely late January morning........they planned out the day.......because the rest of the day went like this........

  • First, they both sat in the messiness of our house, just reading......I did not interrupt.......guessed they can clean up later....

  • .....then the bigger brother made a nice brunch for himself and his older sister and little brother

  • ....followed by the boys actually cleaning up the whole kitchen without being asked

  • Then he took the little brother on a hike to the meadow.....and knife throwing (sigh)

  • Finally returning home just as the dark descended, I heard quiet after they settled........I peeked, and these two who usually turn the TV on whenever they get a chance.......were reading yet again today.  Hunger Games for the Little and Frankenstein for the older.

  • Later, they watched a couple of episodes of Doctor Who together

     This is not usually a sight to be seen around here........sometimes, yes, but not for an entire day.....and rarely including books.....rarely, with these pleased they made such nice memories today.

Porch swing: built by 9 year old Matthew in 4-H....he is now has been around awhile...


      My rant this last week, as written on Facebook (which seem like "Quick Takes to me.....):

So, I realize that I have a yearly whine about all of these FAFSAs.......but no longer. Have any of you met the CSS/Financial Profile over at the College Board???? It is required by three of the schools my 18yo is applying has NINETEEN pages of financial information. It is awful. It makes the FAFSA look like a piece of cake......I just want to cry. Really??? What were medical expenses in 2012? And in 2013? and what do you expect in 2014?? And it goes on and on like that......How much did you spend on toothpaste last year? What do you expect next year? Oh! And they want to know financial details on each of her siblings......there are five of them! It is just too much.......rant not over.....but I will stop writing on this post now......very.heavy.sigh. more thing: they want to know details about the taxes you are not required to file till April! This is just too much!

Update:  It took us about three hours to fill the thing out, once we had gathered all the info.  Boy! did it feel an incredible relief to be done with that!  ....especially four days early!  Phew!

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And lastly...........a perfect place to show off my little great-nieces again.  ;)  Get used to it!

Sweet Eris is three weeks old tomorrow.

Mitchie now five months favorite age!!
I think I will be meeting her next month....I hope!



  1. Mitchie is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen, and I had some cute ones myself. I still have that picture of her on my phone. I love to look at it! I don't have any problem with you posting lots of grand-niece pics on our blog ;-). I don't have any grandnieces yet though I do have 2 grand-nephews, come to think of it.

    1. Agreed! She is one cute girl!

      Thank you for your permission to post their pics........because I might not be able to help myself. ;)


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