Monday, November 21, 2011

Planning for Advent

I spent this Sunday trying to plan for this Advent. I found a lot of links (more than any one person could possibly use) and put them over here

So that I would have some hope of actually using some of the good things out there, I made a simple planner for this week. When I upload it, unfortunately, I lose some of the pretty formatting, but you can still read it.

I hope to make a new one for each week, but you know how that sometimes goes, so I will not promise! This week will be busy with comings and goings.

Anyway, here's the planner (it's two pages -- I think the embed lets you move down to look at the second page too).   It's sort of a simple lesson plan/source page.   Most of our school year so far has been quite informal and I think I will continue to keep things informal -- reading, discussion and quasi-activity based. 

I am sure over the next few weeks both Chari and I will be sharing Advent traditions. One thing I forgot to mention in that planner is that I usually keep some kind of Advent journal. Sometimes it is a log of things we've done, sometimes I write about memories and sometimes I write out reflections on Mass readings. But I usually try to do something that you could call a journal.   This year I hope to discuss with the kids what Advent is about to them; and since this has been our first year with more than half of our "crew" gone from the house, it seems like a good season for a theme on staying in touch with distant loved ones, and holiday memories, and all that kind of thing. 

Blessings on this holiday season,


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