Sunday, November 20, 2011

Something Around My House: Family Shamrock

Chari and I decided that once in a while we would play a game on here called "Something Around My House".

It's simple to play!

  1. Take a picture of something around your house or outlying area. 
  2. Tell what it's about in a few words.
If you try it please link to your post in the comments!

Here is our family shamrock.

Kevin's grandmother was from an Irish family who originally came from Tipperary. She had a shamrock plant growing in her garden here in central California.

When she moved to assisted living a dozen or so years ago, Kevin's oldest brother (named after his grandpa and father) had the forethought to import it to his own garden. A few Christmases ago, a couple of years after she passed away, he gave each of his siblings a pot with a slip of the original shamrock. This one is ours.   It is a nice memento of a wonderful Catholic matriarch who so graciously welcomed me into her clan almost 3 decades ago.

(If you feel called, please say a prayer for her eternal repose along with the other faithful departed we are remembering this November!)

Kevin's brother Mike said his part of the shamrock is growing profusely in his garden, but we weren't sure it would like snow as much as valley sun and warmth, so we kept it in its pot inside the house.

It seems slightly constrained and wistful there looking out at the huge incense cedars and sugar pines but has kept growing and green for about five years or more now.

I wonder if it ever feels homesick for the green turf and soft air of the distant island!  

Looks like winter has come to the Sierras!

Wishing you a happy Sunday, and keep warm!



  1. How come you never showed that plant to me and tell me that story???? I have been there a few times in the last few years. : )

    I loooove this story!!! And I am so jealous! I want a plant from Ireland!

    I think it might be fun if we some how keep a small connection between items......or look for inspiration from the last for the next.

    I am thinking my item will be from Ireland, too. :)

  2. Well, Chari, I didn't know about the story of that painting your grandpa made for you, until just this last visit! You should write about that one!

    Isn't that a good thing about friendship and writing! There are always new things to find out about!

  3. I love your connection idea too. Maybe I will try to guess what your item will be and see if I am right : )

  4. Hmmmmm, there are several ways I could trick you with that.......

  5. Oh this is so cool because I too have a shamrock ! It began with my greatgrandmother ! she recieved it from an Irish lady she worked for when she arrived here at 15yo . I can't beleive the plant survived through all her moves . The children , then grandchildren and now great grandchildren all have the shamrock !
    Can I ask what colour is your shamrock ? ours is pink and I always assumed shamrock flowers were pink lol ! Then my friend showed me hers a fushia coloured one , my Mum recieved a white one .So there must be many colour varities out there .
    Your family is blessed someone remembered the shamrock !Thanks for sharing .


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