Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prayerfully Yours

     There are a few items on my mind........in need of prayer.

     First:  tomorrow, December 7th, will be the funeral for Matthew Wise, for whom we have been praying. Please hold all of the family in prayer.  Thank you.

     Second:  Some loved ones were in a car accident today.  Everyone appears to be all right. Please pray that it continues to be so and that all of the insurance and car issues work out for the good.  And please pray for peace, too.  Thank you.

     Third:  My cousin who is only 43 years old and has had major health problems for the last ten years of her life, has been found to have cancer cells in her lungs.  Please pray for her and her loved ones as they work through this.  Perhaps they could find God in all of this......  Thank you. 

     Fourth:  I know too many husbands out of work.  Some of it is quite close to home.  Please pray that these men find the jobs God wants for them.....and that they can still live with their families while they do so.

     Fifth:  For closure of law suits for two young adult Catholic (formerly homeschooled) kids.......who were in car accidents that were not their fault and now dealing with insurance companies not taking responsibility for their clients.  Both of these young people are having lingering health issues related to this as well.  One of them is mine.  : /  Thank you. 

     Sixth:  Both of us have ill mothers.........  Thank you.

     Seventh:  For all of our private intentions.......  Thank you.

We are both praying the Christmas Novena particularly for these intentions and also for the intentions of our readers.

By the way, both of us will be traveling this week at some point......we will take any travel prayers! 

                 St Christopher and the Three Holy Kings, pray for us!

      Prayerfully yours,

             Willa & Chari

PS:  Please email or list in the comments any special requests you would like to add to our Prayerfully Yours column.  We would happily pray for you and with you!


  1. Praying Chari. I confess to being rather sad about Matt Wise, so devastating.

  2. Thank you, Erin, for your prayers. I know. It is all very heartwrenching. Did you see the recent post his mom wrote on FB? You can find it at the above link. Very lovely sentiments in the midst of sorrow. God bless!


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