Friday, December 9, 2011

TUAR Ramblings......Or.....

I was thinking tonight of just coming here to ramble with my thoughts and words.....

I could not think of a clever blog post title to use for this....I use Haven Heartbeats over at my other blog....which is my catch-all for saying: I am just sharing random thoughts today.

These crossed my mind:

Random Thoughts.....

TUAR Ramblings.....

TUAR Chatting.......

I like mildly these are not working for me.

Teatime Chat?

Teaside Chat?

A Time for Tea at TUAR?

TUAR Teatime?

Tea for TUAR?

TUAR For Tea?

At the Tea Table?

At the TUAR Tea Table?

In Our Living Room?

Chocolate Break?

Loose Literature?

I have not actually brainstormed this with Willa yet. From the looks above...I probably should! : )

Perhaps you could share some clever idea?

Anyway......I do not have much I will just go ahead and get this rambling started......


Now that my college students are home for Christmas break, we are heading over to the Northern California coast to visit with my 90-year-old grandmother. We have not seen her in a good while. We leave tomorrow morning. We have been driving these four hours approximately once a year for over two decades, dragging all of my kids to see their great-grandmother. Since we have been there so often, we have our favorite haunts. Most of them are nature-related, like the ocean and the Redwoods or book-related, like our favorite used bookstore. We enjoy comparing our favorite places against other visits in different months. This will be the first time we have gone in December. It will be fun to visit the Victorian Old Towne decorated for Christmas. We can also do a bit of Christmas shopping, too. I am sure to share, at least photos, on a daily basis, depending on my Internet availability. Have you been to the Redwoods??? I know it has been an immense blessing to us to have them practically in our backyard.


We just found out today that we happily are expecting company for the week after Christmas: a friend of my son's from college. She is a kindred spirit and my girls are thrilled to have another sister for a week. She loves to read, too, and she recommends interesting books.

And, my dear sister-in-law who was married this last summer is coming to visit a day after we return from the coast, bringing her groom, already a much beloved uncle. They will be traveling from Las Vegas. They are planning this trip before they make a move to Texas.


Ever since Willa & I have started this blog.......there have been mini- and major crises for us to deal with........poor work hours......and traveling, that has made it a bit harder to post on TUAR than we expected. Please bear with us as we navigate our way to the keyboard for posting. We have so many thought to share.......just looking for that time and energy.


I had more to say.......but I need to finish up some more packing before I head to bed........I will write from the coast tomorrow, if I can. I can hear Anne and Diana in the background noise........I think Diana is a wee bit drunk.....if you know what I mean. ; ) Better go bring an intermission to the kids for prayers around the Advent Wreath.

Good night!




  1. I wish I were better at this and could use my own account, but I love your blog!! Even the little chit-chat! My grandmother lived to 102 and we used to pack up the kids and haul them to NY from parts all over the country. She died 3 years ago and the kids still talk about our visits. We now visit an elderly uncle of mine who enjoys our family. Fortunately he lives on the Jersey shore and has room for us to have our own place.

    I live in Michigan, which is GREAT. But I am very envious of you two living in the Sierra Nevadas. My heart longs for the mountains. Please post pictures often for those of us living in more flat terrain.

    As for your question about the Redwoods, last Christmas, I packed up the kids and drove to CA (Redwood City) from Michigan (only 33 hours and 11 minutes and we did it in 2 1/2 days). While we were visiting,I took everyone to Muir Woods. WHAT A TREAT! God makes some remarkable majesty.

    Closer to home, we like our lakes, big and small; our sand dunes; our streams and wildlife. God bless you on your trip--
    Anne in Michigan

  2. If we can come up with seven each Friday we could join in that Seven Quick Takes meme.

    How about TUAR Takes? LOL

    I like Tea and something but can't figure out anything clever....


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