Monday, January 16, 2012

January: Pray for our husbands' spiritual health

Yesterday, I introduced the idea of praying themes for a year of praying for our husbands.  Today I bring the theme of January to you.......

January: Pray for our husbands' spiritual health......and ours, too
under the patronage of the Holy Name of Jesus

Dear God, please bring our husbands to the Sacraments frequently. If
our husbands are away from the sacraments, please bring them back. If our
husbands are not yet Catholic, please call them to Your church.

Please help us, as their wives, to do what You will have us do, to aid our
men,on their spiritual journey. To help them to save their souls, to be with You
forever in heaven.

Please help us to say what needs to be said. Please help us to be silent when
necessary. Please help us to lead by example.

Please help us to pray more often together.

We beg for these intentions, in honor of the Holy Name of Jesus.

Remember to take all of these intentions to our Dear Lord in the Blessed
Sacrament on Sunday.

Please leave any special prayer requests in the comments.          

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