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A Year of Prayers for our Husbands and Ourselves

     I am not sure that I can actually do this on TUAR, but I can try.  On my email list Happy is the Husband, which I wrote about yesterday, I have a year long plan of prayers for each month. I thought I would share about it on the blog and then try to post in the first week of each month, the prayer theme for that particular month.

      What am I talking about???  Well, you can read below, a post that I wrote for the email list, quite a few years back.  And then later today or tomorrow, I will post the theme for January.  It is all ready to go!

Originally written in 2006:

I am usually awake too early, every morning (hormonal issues, I guess
:/)......and my thoughts are usually just below the waking level, and often seem
inspired by the Holy Ghost...........almost like the thoughts are INFUSED into
my mind, rather than me purposely thinking the thoughts...........this is has
been going on for years, actually. I just wish I always remembered the
thoughts. In fact, I often do forget them, till something reminds me later that

So, Friday morning, I was inspired with the following idea:

Kind of like how Holy Mother Church provides us with a special focus for prayer
and devotion each month, like the Precious Blood in July, Sacred Heart in June,
Holy Rosary in October, Holy Souls in Nov...............I was thinking, or,
GIVEN :) the thought, that we could apply this to our email group. Each month
could be a special prayer focus for us, for our husbands. It could keep us
always thinking about praying for them. And, of course, if we do it as a group,
our graces and prayer power would be multiplied. I always like that! Great

I could send an email every Friday night, when I remember (hormones again,
messing with my memory :}), that you would find it in your email boxes
on remind you to take the prayers & intentions to Our Lord
in the Blessed Sacrament on Sundays.

here is the happyisthehusband calendar I was thinking of doing:

January: Pray for our husbands' spiritual health......and ours, too
under the patronage of the Holy Name of Jesus

February: Pray for our husbands' physical health......and ours, too
under the patronage of the Holy Family & Our Lord's Passion

March: Pray for our husbands' employment situations, and for his
finances.......and our own
under the patronage of Saint Joseph

April: Pray for our husbands' emotional health......and ours, too
under the patronage of the Holy Eucharist

May: Pray for our husbands' relationships with their children..............and
our own
under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother Mary

June: Pray for our husbands' leadership role in the family.......and our own
role, as the heart of the family
under the patronage of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

July: Pray for our husbands' purity, and protection from the world.......and
for ourselves
under the patronage of the Most Holy Precious Blood of Jesus

August: Pray for our husbands' relationships with other family
members.......and our own
under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

September: Pray for our marriage
under the patronage of our Sorrowful Mother & the Holy Angels

October: Pray for his own private intentions, whatever they may be........and
for our own
under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother & her Holy Rosary

November: Pray for our husbands...........a happy and holy death........and for
our own
under the patronage of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

December: Pray for our husbands' future............and our own
under the patronage of the most Holy and Divine Infant & His Mother's Immaculate

no huge commitment on our parts...............and, having the opportunity to
pray for others (our husbands)............helps us to become more
holy..........we cannot but become closer to God, just by talking to him more
frequently. I think you will find an improvement in your own spiritual life,
just by partaking in this opportunity.

We are so blessed to be here, together, praying. I find it an incredible, and
awe-inspiring privilege. And, I give all thanks to God. He is amazing in His

Let me know what you think.........

In the sweet heart of Mary,


PS  Just as an update, I DO sleep better these days......but God still talks to me in the stillness of the early morning.  : )

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  1. If I may, I shall join you in this!
    Never Far From You In Prayer,


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