Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy is the Husband.......

     ......of a good wife: for the number of his years is double. A virtous woman rejoiceth her husband, and shall fulfil the years of his life in peace. A good wife is a good portion, she shall be given in the portion of them that fear God, to a man for his good deeds. Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 26, 1-3

     In 2005, I started an email list called Happy is the Husband.  The description from the group is below:

      This email list is for Catholic women of all ages, to have a special place to pray for each other's husbands and marriages. We can also use this forum to discuss our vocations as wives.....supporting each other, asking for advice. Those who have happy marriages, or long marriages, can guide those who are struggling, or who are newly married. We can bring to our group: books, prayers, Bible verses, articles, support our vocation. Each month, we will start with a Novena for our husbands, our marriages and our vocations. There may be an occasional book study. Perhaps a once a month topic. Hopefully, once a year we will pray a 54 Day Rosary Novena. Everyone should feel safe here, to ask for any prayer or advice. You may email the list owner privately and an annonymous request or question will be sent to the list on your behalf. Two requests: we always stay focused on the topics mentioned above....and no husband-bashing.

     All prayer requests are welcome, especially those for our husbands, and ourselves as wives. The motivation for starting this list was, I believe, divinely inspired. God has been pressing on my heart the need that I, and other women have, of courage to fulfill our vocations. All of you on this list will be in my daily prayers.

     Our Patrons: The Blessed Virgin Mary, our guide and holy example of a perfect wife; Saint Joseph, her spouse, and the holy example of the perfect husband; Saint Anne, patron saint of wives & mothers, an ideal role model for all mothers & housekeepers; Saint Monica, for her perseverance in prayer & Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and Elisabeth Leseur.

       I am taking the time to share this information with you right now because I would like to invite you to pray with us later this month. We pray a 54-Day Rosary Novena twice a year.  The first one starts on January 24th so that it can be completed in time for St. Joseph's Feast Day in March.  The second one starts in August and is finished on the Feast of the Holy Rosary ( I think!). There are daily emails for the Rosary Novena.

     I am sad that I do not get to much else on the list at this time, but someday, probably when I no longer have kids to homeschool, I hope to make it a more active ministry.  I love the idea of this list. I love to pray for others and I love praying for my husband. This is a wonderful way to combine both.

     This email list does not generate a lot of emails so you should not find it a burden to join. There are the occasional prayer requests as well the Novena reminders, mostly.

     In years when I am on top of things, we have monthly prayer topics and weekly reminders.  I hope to put out a bit of effort to work on that this year.......a challenge when we have just started this new blog!

     Please join us for prayer at Happy Is the Husband.  Even if you cannot join the novena at this time, at least come and bring your intentions to us so that we can pray for you.
     Christmas Blessings, till February 2nd,



  1. I love this idea! I pray for my husband but it isn't in a very intentional way. Just when I am worried about him or something feels amiss. I think I'll join your group. Thanks for this post!

  2. I am glad that you have joined us, Faith! I will keep your intentions in my heart. I am looking forward to encouraging you to pray daily for your husband. I always find the rosary the most efficacious means of bringing a change in heart or at least warming his heart. If you cannot pray a whole rosary, even a decade or two will do. the habit of praying daily for your husband will bring peace in your heart, too, even if there is no change in his. ( I think I will post this on the list, too.)


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