Monday, January 30, 2012

A Wee Bit of Humor

I have two lives about four hours away, in a place like me........brrrrrr.......although she does not get as much snow as we do........but she does get cold and she does get some snow.

That other sister, the middle one......gets to live in Hawaii.....Oahu to be precise.

She tortures the two of us.....with pictures of warm weather, year round.

      Yesterday, when my yard was still full of snow........she and two of her daughters were lounging at the beach.  They found this "Sandman" most amusing......and certainly wanted to make sure that those of us who were cold......were entertained by the vision.

I loved it!

and then........she shared this photo below of a sea turtle sculpted by her daughters.

It is adorable!!!


And, since we are on the topic of is another lovely photo that she sent not too long ago.....oh, am I jealous!!  How about you???


Warmest Blessings to you,
from a balmy Northern California,
where we are hanging out in the fifties* in January,


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