Thursday, March 8, 2012

Follow This Link

Willa and I are looking for a clever title for our blog posts that are meant to be links to follow......articles that inspire us......

I was thinking of:
  • Inspired Clicking
  • Inspired Surfing
  • Joyful Clicking
  • Clicking with Joy
  • Clicking for Inspiration
  • Surfing for Inspiration
  • TUAR Links

Finally, I decided to go with Follow This Link...until we can come up with something that works for us......something that inspires us.

And, who knows, perhaps we will just keep this title.  In the meantime, I have collected a few links......

8 Reasons to Turn Out the Lights During Lent is a wonderful article discussing ways to slow down and cut out the excessive draw of our attention away from the simple and aiding us to be with our family, be with God.  Don't miss it.   It might be a good idea to turn out the lights once a month, perhaps on a Friday, during the entire year.  We "turned out the lights"...or rather, our lights were turned out for us by severe winter weather a couple of years ago......for almost a week.  We had a similar experience to the author.  Once the lights were down, our work was mostly done.  We read together and sat by firelight, just conversing.  We could not even get out of our road for a few days.  No power at we cooked on our woodstove, even "baking" chocolate chip cookies   :)  No plumbing, that was a whole other issue....and one I do NOT recommend our readers give up...for Lent or otherwise!

I would like to give the advice, Engaged Forever, to all newly married couples.  I wish someone had shared this with my husband and I in the early years.  Thanks for the post, Marge!

Elizabeth has a lovely blog post about picture books......and as usual writes my thoughts for me.  :)  There have been so many times that I have taken our homeschool year back to the basic picture book......and it works every time....infusing joy into our homeschooling.  I realize that this may well be my last year or two to do my little man is already ten years old.  And while I firmly believe, and have always engaged my olders with picture books, does get less and less as they pursue more serious and in-depth studies.

I am one who can always be light-hearted in any given moment....and laughing at myself is a must for is either I laugh....or I cry.  :)  The article, A Non-Catholic's Guide to Lenten Weirdness, is definitely a moment to laugh at our Catholic selves at the beginning of Lent.  Please click and enjoy!  I wish she had even more examples!!!

I was so thrilled to read a blog post of my sweet friend Lissa's  originally written in 2006!  Strewing is the topic and the anecdotal story is wonderful!  Don't miss it! It is almost 6 years to the date it was written.  Time sure flies!  I am grateful to Willa for providing this link in her strewing post earlier this week.  I so enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

There is a saint for Leap Day, of course!  Read about St. Oswald here!  He has been an annual patron saint for our family, twice!

Please Follow These Links......and tell me what you think!

   Lenten Blessings,


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