Friday, March 9, 2012

Take Up and Listen: Music just for you.....

       You are going to love listening to this and watching it! This is so wonderful! This music will make you happy!

       I am a huge lover of music. I love all genres. I am probably most fond of Classical music. My favorite XM Radio station is Symphony Pops. Every time they play great music (which is almost all.of.the.time!), I write the piece down so that I can find it later for myself or to share with you. This trumpet Concerto of Haydn's is simply wonderful.

      If you want to expose yourself or your children to Classical music, but do not know how or where to start, simply playing these videos will be a good place to start. Play them many times over a day, a week, a month. Let them become familiar. Keep it simple. See if you can find more by the same composer at your library.

      Play this music in the background while you work on the computer or surf the Internet or work in the kitchen, do art with the kids......clean house.  Anytime!

     This particular video has the added bonus of close-ups on the various instruments as they play their parts.....children will love that. I love that!

Josf Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in E flat major (part 1)......and don't miss part 2 below....follow one after the other.....


....and part 2......

      I would love to  share excellent Classical music pieces with you regularly.  Please let me know if this is useful to you......

      Maybe some day, when I can catch my breath, I can do a Composer of the Month series, like I do at home for my kids periodically.  Ah, someday.....


Lenten Blessings,


PS  I love music so much.....that I have to deny myself during Lent.  :)  I limit myself to Classical music only......and only sometimes.  It is a great sacrifice.....but it frees up my mind more for praying......I like to bring more QUIET to our home and to our car.  It works!

One more thing:  I will put all of these video recommendations under the Label:  Take Up and Listen so you can find them all on one page.


  1. Danny Kaye with the Philomonic Orchestra is a great introduction too. I hunted for over a decade to find my dh this CD

    1. Sounds interesting, Erin! Leonard Berstein videos, though outdated in video....are excellent as well.

  2. I thought that was the proms :) I missed seeing those every year...

  3. That Haydn trumpet concerto is one of my favourite pieces of music :)

    1. of course it is, Kathryn! ;) It is so rich! and those trumpet solos....heavenly!


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