Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pizza Night Courtesy of the Boys

I have just worked at my pay-job forty hours in three and a half days........more than I usually work in a month!  I awakened this morning....(actually, I was awakened, by a welcome phone call from the out-of-town hubby), feeling quite wiped-out.  Once I was up and around, I could tell that making dinner for this small crowd was probably beyond my capabilities.  What to do, what to do???

Aha!  Assign pizza-making to the boys for dinner. This is one of my go-to dinner plans.  My boys are excellent in the kitchen and making pizza is an art to them. 

Tonight the responsibility to make the meal fell on the shoulders of my newly-15 year-old, Garrett (#5 Bryan) and Willa's 19 year old, Sean (#4 Ryan).  Sean is staying with our family for a little over a week.  He came to visit the local junior college.  Of course, that only took up an hour of his time.  The rest of the time is spent being cooped-up indoors (due to the weather) cheerfully hanging with my younger boys.  Usually Sean is closest friends with my 21 year old son.....but that guy is out of town right now.  It is so strange to see one of my little guys standing next to Sean.....and finding that he has almost grown to the same height.  Sean remembers Garrett as a little brother.  Now he is a "playmate"  :)

garrett in foreground, sean in background
in my kitchen

FOUR! different pizza flavors.......and what beauties!

just a picture from far across the house.......

Offspring who can find their way around a kitchen....are a huge blessing!

And I have a house full of them.  I am blessed!

Haha.......thanks be to God....because they did not get it from me.  :)  It is a straight line from their father........and permission from me to play in a kitchen at an early age.

Holy Week Blessings,


PS  I challenged the boys to "clean as you go" and they had the kitchen spotless before they served.  A proud mama!

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  1. Love it! I did pizza with the kids last night and it was exhausting! Of course I did most of the prep and made the crust from scratch, and made sure that they saved some pineapple for the next guy...I think I'll just let the older ones make big pizzas for the whole family next time, instead of individual ones for everyone, sounds so much easier :)


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