Sunday, April 1, 2012

April: Pray for Our Husbands' Emotional Health

In January, I introduced the idea of praying themes for a year of praying for our husbands. Today I bring the theme of April to you.......

April: Pray for our husbands' emotional health.......and ours, too, under the patronage of the Holy Eurcharist as well as Saint Dymphna

Dear God, Please protect our husbands' emotional health.  These modern days seem to be so heavy with strife that is difficult to carry. Please guard our spouses from negative thoughts, depression, despair.  Please keep them from losing the hope they need to care for their marriages, their families and to stay on the road to finally come home to you.  Please heal them from past hurts. Let Your peace fill their hearts. Let them carry themselves in your strength and spirit.

Please help us, as their wives, to do and say what is needed to encourage them.  Please protect our emotional health as well, especially as we deal with the frequent hormonal shifts in all the seasons of our life.

We beg for these intentions, in honor of the Holy Eucharist.

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and
supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to
God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will
 guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:6

Do not lose your inward peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. Commend all to God, and then lie still and be at rest in God's bosom . Whatever happens, abide steadfast in a determination to cling simply to God, trusting to God's eternal love for you. 
~~~~~~~~~~~St. Francis de Sales

When night comes, and retrospect shows that everything was patchwork andmuch that one had planned left undone, when so many things rouse shameand regret, then take all as it is, lay it in God's hands, and offer it up to Him. In this way we will be able to rest in Him, actually rest and to begin the new day like a new life.  ~~~~~~~~~St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

(Above verse and quotes courtesy of Katie.......she knows who she is.....)

 Chaplet prayers to St. Dymphna................

St. Dymphna, Pray for us!
Dear St. Dymphna, friend and saint of God. I come to you with a
heart firm in hope asking your loving intercession for the intentions
of my spirit and those who have asked me to pray for them. Especially
for the following: (mention intention). Accept these simple prayers
in your honor and intercede for us who honor and invoke your aid.
Heal our minds to overcome our fears and turn our hearts to hope
and joy. With trust, our simple prayers are sent to you who are the
example of hope and calmness. Hear us St. Dymphna as we pray.
St. Dymphna, consoler and helper of those in need of emotional peace
and strength, pray for us now and always.
Let us pray. St. Dymphna, guide, consoler and strength, make all
of us who call on you stronger and calmer in hope and weaker in
fear. Be our intercessor before the compassionate Christ and His
most Holy Mother. Thank you dear St Dymphna and pray for us, who
call upon you and hope in your powerful intercession. We ask this
through Christ Our Lord. Amen


Remember to take all of these intentions to our Dear Lord in the Blessed Sacrament on Sunday.

Please leave any special prayer requests in the comments. We really want to pray for you and with you.

Prayerfully yours, in the Sweet hearts of Jesus & Mary,

                                                            Chari & Willa



  1. Thank you for this most comforting and calming post. I so needed this! St. Dymphna was my "randomly" chosen saint for this year. How delightful but also how reassuring that today, while I am worried for my little niece who is in hospital, my saint of the year comes up on an email reminder. Like a personal visit to me. I'm very grateful for this blog. I prayed the 54 day rosary novena for all the women here and their intentions. May God bless and soothe all the cares connected to this holy blog.
    A blessed and fruitful Passiontide and then, and Joyous Eastertide to you all.
    Frances in San Francisco

  2. Frannie,

    Your prayers and blessings are so appreciated. Thank you for your gratefulness........we are even more grateful to you. Thank you for your support. I am glad that God used me to bring your patron saint to you today. I am privileged to pray for your little niece and her parents and their new baby-on-the-way. Please keep us updated on how your niece is doing.

    Love you and cannot wait to see you again. Hugs and prayers for you, my dear friend in San Francisco.


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