Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bryans and Ryans Together!

While driving up to Oregon on Friday some of the Ryans did get a chance to stop by and see some of the Bryans.

It was a short visit because the Ryans had to keep driving and the Bryans were on their way to Malachy's baseball game and then to see a book talk.

 I thought I would put up a picture from a looong time ago when the children were much smaller than they are now.   You can see (left to right) Clare, Paddy in front, Kieron, Aidan in front, Maddalyn, Garrett, Matthew, Sean, and Malachy in front. 

I forget what game they were playing but it involved weapons as you can see.

Have a great Sunday. 

Blessings on your family and friends!

Chari and Willa

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