Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Daily Dose of Charlotte Mason

Almost every summer I start some kind of study project/ teacher's retreat/ personal conference.   I think it started because I have never been to a homeschooling conference, ever, and I missed getting the energy surge.  In recent years, sometimes Chari and I have our teacher's retreat together.  SO. Much. Fun.   

Anyway, lots of time the retreat/private conference is to do with either Charlotte Mason or classical education. 

But I've read Charlotte Mason so many times now in the past two decades that sometimes the words just flow past and I stop paying attention.  So this time I decided to try a different approach,   What about a daily Charlotte Mason quote?   There is a CS Lewis Daily and a Chesterton Daily but at present no active CM Daily, not that I could find, though there was one in the past.  

So I started one.   Charlotte Mason Daily Reader

Since I know CM so well that I have almost memorized the famous passages, I wanted to look for the more obscure bits, so I am not  posting in order.   Rather I look for things that make me think or seem to tie in with something I've experienced.  It only takes a minute or two a day and it gives me something to think about when I go offline. 

I  just discovered a widget that lets you pull up a random post from within your blog.   I put one on this TUAR sidebar and I also put one at CM Daily.    That way you can pull up a random CM quote if you want to see more than what is on the front page. 

I'm also putting a few quotes from Parents' Review articles and from other authors that CM mentions or that seem somehow related to what she endeavored to do.

I just discovered how to do screen captures, thanks to being inspired by Vicky's great post on Homeschool Blogging, and also thanks to Erin who pointed me to   It has a capture as well as many other nice tools!    So that is where that screen shot above is from. 

Just thought I would share!     I am having fun with it!   I may not keep it active past the summer, but if it gets to be enough of a habit, perhaps I will!

Back to planning,



  1. This is so good, Willa:-) I've been thinking, lately, that I don't understand Charlotte Mason well enough, though we use quite a few of her ideas. I actually found her books online in easy-to-understand English - I'm thinking they might have had me in mind when they de-intellectualised it ;-)

    Looking forward to learning more.

    God bless :-)

  2. Looking forward to your posts. This is a wonderful idea and a great tool to keep our thoughts focused for the day.

  3. I agree with Holly! This is a fantastic idea! Cannot believe we never thought of it before!


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