Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mountain in March

Oh, yeah. I am way behind on this Year of the Mountain entry.

But that is because I cannot upload this many pictures using my home internet......and because I seem incapable of limiting myself to just a few photos. Ha! Like that could ever happen.
I am trying to get to the library more frequently to use their faster ,
and I might add, unlimited, internet to load the pics.

For this month, I tried to catch pics of The Mountain from different perspectives. I had no idea I had taken so many pics.....and I did not use all of my samples. The first batch is from my iPhone camera.......some of them turned out pretty good.

I have also included other local views, too.
Do scroll down to see the pics I took of The Mountain with my good camera.
The first two are on the road up to our local ski park.
A different angle than we see when at home.

The next two are of The Mountain view while at the ski park.

From the ski park parking lot, Mount Lassen can be seen in the background.

The sun has set behind the mountains behind Our Hearts' Haven

The Mountain

Mount Eddy, the mountain behind my house

Photo below taken of Lake Tahoe on St Patrick's Day, while we were at a wedding

I grabbed this photo to share......of the view at Willa's mom's house in Alaska.
I loooove this view!

Another of Our Hearts' Haven with beautiful Mt Eddy in background

On the way home from the ski park, a blazing sky.....very hard to show with
a phone camera and a teen boy snapping the photos.
This was the best of like 26 pics.

I took the following pictures on the way to a moving car. With the Nice Camera.
I cannot believe how well they turned out. I love the details shots.

The moonrise in March was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
I took numerous shots at that moon.
This was the best of the worst.

Taken from my front porch.

PS Luckily I have already started the April version....hope to have it up shortly! In the meantime.....I am collecting my May version! ;)


  1. Wow, you live in a beautiful place!

  2. I do, Faith! And you are welcome to come by any time for a visit.....I will show you around!!!

    Everyone is welcome! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of the mountain. I never tire of looking at it and taking pictures.


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