Monday, May 21, 2012

Planning and Checklists

The weather is nice, we have been hosting guests, my daughter is home from college, I am planning for next school year.... all this is to say that I have lots going on in my mind and day, but not much getting written on this blog.

So I might as well just blog about school planning.

First of all, this is a checklist I made years ago as a result of a discussion on a Catholic classical list.  Most of the ideas come from members, but I compiled them and tried to put them in some kind of order.

Checklist:  Preparation for the School Year (docx)
Checklist:  Preparation for the School Year (PDF) 

Then I made a "Year at a Glance"

This helps me get a visual sense of what I have planned for the year. Like many visual people, I can reference something so much better if it is color-coded.

After several years of following the public school year, I decided to go back to year round schooling.   I made up a system where I log 1/2 and 1/4 days during some parts of the year.  

Here is a blank one in MS Word 2010 format.  

I made a simple visual checklist for my 9 year old.

This is to use on the days when we are having minimal or no formal schoolwork. Visual Checklist (docx)

Finally (for now) I made this Summer Checklist (docx) 

Summer Checklist Partially Filled (PDF)

But I am afraid  that last one is too complicated, perhaps.  Sometimes when things are too complicated and busy, I just end up not looking at them.  I hope I will be able to use it as a reference to make sure we are progressing, but we shall see. 

Anyway, that is some of what I have been doing.  


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