Monday, June 18, 2012

Bryans & Ryans: June 2012........Day 1/2

Sunday, June 17

       So, Willa and I thought we would blog about our doings each day while we are together.......activities, conversations, discussions (those are two different animals ;)  ), play, meals.....etc

      We sat down last night about 11:11pm, and found we were both too exhausted to write after all.  That was okay.......we could do it today.  Very funny.  We find ourselves still too tired to think.  Maybe it is that "day after driving all day" kind of thing.....I drove all day on Saturday, Willa on Sunday........perhaps more likely it is the fact that our little boys were still chatting away at midnight....and then woke Willa up at 7am (Whaaaat?  They did not sleep in????).  I was chasing a chicken out of the garden at 6am.......after having one of those after midnight good chats with the husband.  Yeah, that must be it. 

      Anyway, Willa made good time yesterday and arrived safely at my house early enough for us to have almost half of a day's worth of visiting.  (Thank you for those travel prayers).  I spent the day making sure my house was cleaner than it was when I had awakened.  I know that I do not need to clean it for Willa's visit, but it is so much easier to live in the house with extra people hanging about if you have basic clean.

      Let's our long evening, Willa helped me to get my laundry on the line, kept me company while I chopped veggies for our stir-fry (she did offer to help, but I did not share the tasks), take a two mile walk with me.........

.........and wander along our garden fence just after dusk, where we saw one of these spiders every few feet on the fence.  With the natural lighting, and our angle, the spiders looked as if they were suspended above the horizon.  The photo does not show this very well.  Even though we are both very grown up, and even though we did not have any of our children with us, we will still take notice of nature study opportunities......even just for ourselves.  :)

     The littlest boys (Paddy Ryan, 9 & Malachy Bryan, 10) wandered about our property and eventually came back to the house where they discovered the Wii. That made them happy till bedtime, which took forever to complete.  I read a picture book to them, one I picked up from the library, and then we settled them with books, Kindles and flashlights.  In the end, they kept chatting and chatting.......much too late for wee folk.  And their mothers!

The bigger boys (Kieron R, 16 & Garrett B, 15) found themselves much to talk about.......still talking after midnight.  A little basketball......and a lot of talk.

      Aidan, the in-between fella at age 13 years, checked out the new kittens, organized his coolers on my porch, hung out on our porch swing.......and went to bed later than usual for him.

      Once the three littles were somewhat settled in bed, Willa and I stared at our computer screens, but nothing came. So we went to bed........

And that is how we got here, to this moment.

Did I mention yet, how Willa and I were going to keep tame bedtimes for the kids and I? 

Night one:  FAIL.  :)

Tonight is looking better......but I do hear those little men voices again....sigh.

Hopefully tomorrow, Willa & I will have more focus.  :)

          chari & willa sitting here together in the same house


  1. I hope you two have a great visit. Even with late bedtimes, it sounds lovely.

  2. Mary Alice PhillipsJune 19, 2012 at 7:51 AM

    Bryans and Ryans and bears, oh my! (Couldn't resist!) Praying you have blessing after blessing, and that you share your thoughts if you can with us!

  3. Hhahaha!!! You won't ever get those boys to bed at an early hour....they are too much like their mothers ;)


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