Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bryans & Ryans: June 2012, Day One

Early morning in Siskiyou County!  I, Willa, got up early and went out to read my Magnificat with this great view. 

Chari had to work today (which is actually yesterday now) so I  tried to photo-journal what our boys were doing, while also reading some of Chari's homeschooling and Catholic books. 

Garrett and Kieron worked for several hours at building a computer from an instruction manual and some spare parts from other computers. 

Paddy and Malachy played several board games.

 Paddy and Malachy also spent a lot of time in the garage.   Does playing with new kittens count as Nature Study?  Since my family is petless right now, I am glad Paddy gets a chance to be around baby animals!

 In the evening, Malachy had baseball practice (he is on the All Star Team for his division) and Paddy was bored, so Chari suggested drawing.  Paddy drew a portrait of himself and Malachy swinging, and perhaps you can spot Chari's eldest son Matthew in the picture, too?   Sarah, can you? : D

Aidan spends a lot of time on the Bryans' front porch being thoughtful.  Here he is on the porch swing and later, sitting on one of his coolers drawing a picture.  Perhaps you can spot me in that one! 

 A note from Chari:  Like that my oldest son solved the daily dinner dilemma by asking this morning, before I was off to a few hours at work:

Would you like me to make pizza for dinner tonight?

 Heck, yeah!

The boy is very serious about his pizza!
 Inspired by his visit to Naples, he makes individual gourmet pizzas,
called "the four seasons"

He makes his own pizza sauce from scratch, in the blender.
 It is delicious!

The chef and his sibling assistant, enjoying their pizzas after all have been served. 
Out of doors and with a glass of wine, of course.  :)

Chari and I took another two miles walk, on along the railroad.....a Nature Walk, really.  Hoepfully we can post that blog tomorrow.


                           Willa & Chari

PS Please pray for Stacey, Chari's friend.....who is trying not to deliver a 28 week old baby, named Nathan Joel.  Her water broke two weeks ago, so they at least were able to buy him two more weeks in utero.  Thanks!


  1. YUM!! I wish I could twirl my pizza dough. No can do. =l

  2. I LOVE THE Masterfully done PICTURE of Paddy's!!!!! I am so glad you are all having a blast together.....but save some of the fun for when I get home ;)


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