Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Tuesday Luncheon Nature Walk

I am linking this post up with Elisa's Nature Walk garden party on Fridays

As I was not able to take the whole week off from my job, I tried to plan shorter hours so I would be able to spend more time with Willa.  Plus, I worked it out so that she could meet me for lunch.  Before we grabbed our grub, we took a nature walk.

It was a path that I had discovered a couple of months ago, on a wintry day.  The hospital that I work the keeper of this path.  I am so impressed and proud of them.

Join Willa and me as we explored the galore, for sure!


One of the ponds......

Devil's Claw.....had to look this one up, too!

I could not leave out the dandilions!  This was the only bunch we saw.

Wild Blue Flax...
....could not remember this one..
....had to look it up later.

The mountain in the far background is my backyard view.

Pretty cattails! an upper pond

This creek was so pretty in the winter.

Three thistle sisters...
....I loved these three standing together, surrounded by color.

This grass was so pretty in person.....hard to show here...

One of those large families, you know.....

I think this is charlock, of the brassica is a type of mustard plant

This Wild Rose bush has a beautiful view, eh?

more daisies....they were so pretty

the path above an upper pond.....


My top favorite wild flower....pretty and smells great:  Sweet Pea!

more pretty daisies.......

White Honeysuckle.......oh, the smell is delicious!

Red Clover.....common, but pretty

More of the upper pond.....

Cobb Mountain Lupine

Infant black berry leaves of the 2,000 species of buttercups

more Devil's Claws is a yellow flower

........and yet more upper pond

Wild Rose

The lovely California poppy, with Wild Blue Flax in the background....
....nice contrasting colors

I love this view!  Wild rose and the Mountain

Another view of the upper pond.......

This is the view from the front of the hospital.......

This is the view from the back of the hospital....
....this is what my aptients in labor can see form their window..... awesome is that???

Wild Rose

Not sure what kind of flower this is....
.....but they sure are pretty in person.

Ladybug in Yarrow

And that.....was our pre-luncheon entertainment....and our third nature walk in three days.

Thanks for joining us!

Summer Blessings, on this first day of summer,

                                          Chari & Willa

    PS.....this lack of internet has sure put a cramp in our blogging!!!!  Sheesh!  Oh, and these pictures were all taken with my iPhone........not too bad.


  1. What a fabulous trail. So glad you two have this time together to enjoy Beauty and Truth.

  2. It's all so beautiful - you live in such a lovely place! And, I still can't believe what great pictures you get from your phone!

    God bless:-)

  3. Fun to be able to actually see these posts now that I am home! They are already bringing back lots of good memories. Thanks Bryans! from the Ryans


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