Thursday, June 14, 2012

My New Happy Place

On Friday the first of June......I was ending a long week of feeling emotionally tired, sad, drained (turns out it was partly hormonal.....mostly?  Am I allowed to say that on a public blog?)

In my effort to try to make sure I exercise more, I decided it was finally time to go check out that new easy hike by the lake.  Well, it was only new to me.  It is about three years old.  My whole family loves it and visits it regularly.  Only five minutes from my house.....I had not got around it seeing this walk.

Within minutes of walking, I was literally shouting for joy.  I suddenly was so happy.

Being in nature, THAT nature, was just what my soul needed.

Haha, God even sent a good rainstorm to wash those negative feelings away from me.

It is my new favorite place.  I cannot wait to take Willa there!  I know Aidan will love it!

Strange as it was, it so reminded me of my visit to Oahu. 
The trees were lush.....spring flowers blooming...and a warm rainstorm. 
Ahhhhh, so nice.

I snapped away with my piddly little iPhone camera......and then made the kids take me over to the library so I could load these photos to the blog, right then and there.  :)

Here are the pictures, in no particular order........

Every person who comes to visit me......will get to visit this place. 

Come on over!

Update: This page is now linked to Elisa's Blog for her weekly Nature Walk on Fridays.


               Chari................who is happily reveling in winter's hibernation  :)


  1. What a beautiful trail and so near your home! I'm glad you shared the photos; it inspires me to visit a nearby creek trail tomorrow.

    1. I know I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Willa is, too! Did you get to your trail? I hope to take Willa to a few trails next week.

  2. Chari, You ARE a camera-kindred spirit!! It's so gorgeous where you live and the photos are just beautiful:-) Yes, I can relate - nature makes me feel like this, too! So spiritual and joyful:-D Music and art do it to me, as well. And some poetry. Ah! I'm off to spend time in my happy place, now:-)

    Thank you for sharing your photos - reading this was a lovely start to the day. God bless:-)

  3. Hi! Just stopping in with the Nature Walk. Such a lovely place to live. It just seems to have the breath of peace. Charming too.

  4. wow. it is gorgeous!! everything.

  5. Looks like a lovely place to hike and live.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. wonderful!! What a perfect, beautiful place! I'd go there every day if I had one nearby. Beautiful. Thanks for linking up. I like your blog. =)


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