Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Monday Evening Nature Walk

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....a few days late.....

These pictures were taken on a Monday evening in late June when Willa came to my house for a visit.

The walk begins behind my house.......

We meant to post them during that week.....possibly that evening....but we were probably napping too much to get the blog posted.  :)  Not to mention the lack of internet........

The photos were all taken with the only camera in my hand at the time:  the iPhone.  Consider that fact when viewing the low quality pictures.

I am not going to spend much time on writing up each picture.......
(if I goes against my nature not to disclose the full facts) no particular order.....since Blogger will not post them in the order I took them....

It was a mightly tree growing from a beautiful bed of flowers.

Wild lilies

these pinecones looked so much prettier in person, in their bed of pine needles.....

One of the several views of Mt Shasta at dusk.....

We pass a gorgeous meadow.......
...we call it "our meadow" because it is right behind our house.
the view is prettier in person, of course.

the sun was bright when we left the backyard, but set as we walked

Manzanita in front.....
..Black Butte in the second layer, a volcano in its own right, extinct......
...and Mt Shasta, dormant, in the final and third layer

More meadow.....this time before the sun had set

Same tree as above.......

The sun sets on us.....but later on Mt Shasta

Same view as the first Mt Shasta photo, only taken before the sun set

Strider likes when we take this walk.....because he gets to come along!


More meadow......before the setting of the pretty in person
this is where the sandhill cranes live in the summer

gorgeous wild rose

This little tree was so pretty....but the photo does not share that!

Thsi wild rose photo looks like a painting!

Other half of the meadow picture just above......
...cannot get the whole view in the one picture

Yeah....that IS a caterpillar

I love the new growth on all of the pines

The sun still shines on Black Butte.....but not on our trail

So, THIS is what lies beyond my backyard.  Love!
THIS is where my children took most of their childhood nature walks.
THIS is where my young adults take their nature walks still.

One of the views on our trail....

Anne and Willa walk along the railroad tracks

The sun has just about set on Mt Shasta

The sun peeks out through the trees, just before setting.....with Anne & Willa
(How nice that my children are friends with Willa in their own place)

Anne, Willa, Strider, railroad tracks

......another peek at the meadow.....

the first glimpse of our backyard...... we return from our walk

I guess Willa & I better take this walk again......with a better camera!

She returns for her second visit of the just two days!

Thanks for taking a stroll with us!

Chari & Willa


  1. I really love your photos, Chari! The sunset, the mountain and the flowers - I was going to call that great one of the sun my favourite but then a whole heap of more favourites followed! I can't believe you take these shots on your IPhone.

    I hope you and Willa have a wonderful time together.
    God bless:-)
    The photos on your other blog are also awesome. You had a post of your son's 19th birthday which was so inspiring in its creative photography. Thank you for sharing the link:-)

    1. Thank you, Vicky! We are in the "mutual admiration society" :) I love your photos....and I want to come see your views in person :)

      Willa's iPhone is the next generation up from mine, and her camera is better. My iPhone camera must have good light......or things get dull....

      Oh! I love that post of Matthew's 19th birthday! One of my favorites. Especially the very last photo. It took me forever to get it up. I think I will go over and enjoy it again. :) See, I am so "long-winded" with my pictures....I can never just choose a few samples. I want 'em all!

      Willa and I pray for a wonderful time, too!


  2. So spectacular! It must be so easy to pray up there!

    1. It is, Faith. I love to take my praying outside with a cup of tea on nice mornings......I am so busy with so much company.....and we stay up too late.....and morning is just more busy, busy, I have not had much time in the last month.....looking forward to going back to that habit next month, if it pleases God to s-l-o-w us down somewhat!

      thanks for your comment! Blessings!

  3. Pretty! You are so lucky to have that mountain. I'm from Switzerland and I will forever miss the Alps.

  4. We think we are lucky, too, Elisa!

    My son spent a year living in Switzerland. It is his second home now.......he cannot wait to go back. Where are you from? He lived just north of Lucerne.

    Sometimes he looks at our mountain and says: it looks just like an alps today. Being a solitary mountain (really two in one), it does not look like the alps often. But if the clouds are just right, it does look like the alps.

    My daughter who just returned from a year in Austria,, living at the base of the alps says: "nope. It is too alone."

    Thanks for visiting our blog!


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