Friday, August 17, 2012

Beautiful Clouds



I know I have mentioned in previous posts of nature photography that the clouds
have been absolutely fascinating this summer.  As I create this post, I am sitting on the lawn of our local small town library, watching another cloud and sunset show. :)

I have a small sample here.......

No words. 

Just the pictures. 

Just the gratitude to God for these great paintings He brings to us almost daily...
......all day long....
......changing every moment.


Do you see the cloud that is shaped like a Star Trek ship???  Very cool and amazing.

Nature Blessings to you & yours!


PS  I already have some amazing cloud and sun pictures for an August cloud post!


  1. Those are beautiful clouds! I guess it is because of the Mountain and being further north that you get those; here the sky is almost always like a big blue bowl. I miss my native Alaska because it always had interesting clouds.

  2. I probably should have made note above that most of these pictures were taken from my home property.

    I am not that far from the ocean, Willa, as the bird flies. I bet that is part of it as well. Certainly Mt Shasta has its own weather, including clouds. But most of these were not near The Mountain.

    I also probably should have made note, Willa, that you were with me when most of these were taken! :) Do you remember seeing beautiful cloud formations while you were here?

  3. What an apt description, "great paintings He brings to us each day.." Thanks for sharing your 'Big Sky.' Not everyone has ready access to it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara! I never even think about that.....people who do not have access to the sky. That is such a sad thought.

      Our sky is so big here.......I have always thought of it as a great big painting. I know Who the artist I always give Him credit. :)

      Sadly, at this very moment....the very large canvas is obstructed by a terrible large amount of smoke..... :( Hurts to breathe....


  4. One of the things I love about where I live is the sky, the big sky with many different clouds. You may be right about the proximity to the ocean, however when I was in Texas they had some awesome clouds as well... I think I would miss the sky and its wonders the most if I had to live in a city such as Los Angeles where there is lots of smoggy haze. Glad I'm not the only one fascinated with the clouds :) or the only one who -ahem- has a million and one cloud photos...

    1. But Texas is near water, right?! :)

      I grew up in Los Angeles.....and I saw the sky a lot. But......because I lived near the was one big sky for me then....looking out over that Pacific Ocean......

      You have more cloud pictures than I!! I only have just under 100,000, I am sure :)

      Yeah.....clouds tempt me.

  5. I could spend hours taking photos of clouds, Chari. In fact, these pictures looked a lot like some of mine - until that beautiful mountain crept in on the scene! I love the photo of the orange sun - it's really spectacular.

    God bless, Chari:-)

    1. What? YOU take pictures of clouds, too? I am so surprised. ;)

      The one with the sun.....taken with an iPhone :)

      God bless you, too!


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