Friday, August 24, 2012

Prayerfully Yours: Update!

       Thank you so much for your prayers!  Here is an update for the last Prayerfully Yours post......

      I am very excited to announce that the little lass, Miss Celeste, was born five minutes before midnight last night, in the lovely city of San Francisco.  I cannot wait to meet her.....and fall in love with her.  I promise to post pictures when that does happen.  In the meantime.....I am hoping to give her mama a break and host her family for labor day weekend. 

      Also........we got the paperwork thing worked out just in time.  Phew!  And, I have now met the two principals, the counselor and I have talked with the new teacher he will have for independent study.  Things are looking interesting around here. 

     The other prayer requests are long term, so no updates.

   But, I would like to add another specific request:  A local hour south of us, Catholic homeschooling family of ten kids.......(we prayed for her pregnancy and the birth of her twins born in June).....needs prayers that they can sell their house.  Things are moving now......but it needs to go all the way to a sell.  Please beg St. Joseph's intercession!



                         Chari........sitting in an adorable little place to relax and cool off while waiting in between soccer games. Wifi, AC and coffee. Wish there was a place like this where we live........maybe there is? I might need to go explore.....might need to come here between games tomorrow, too. — at Dunn's Coffee and Fine Teas

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