Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prayerfully Yours!

A few quick requests:

My other best friend is in labor, at this moment, with her seventh child..... My adorable godson's little sister, Celeste, will soon be here! His fifth sister!

Please pray things speed up soon and are safely over quickly!


Some of you may have heard me make complaint about our current Internet.......

........well, if someone will put in a trench, we can get really fast and almost unlimited Internet! Please pray the cable company will pick up the $3000 tab!!! ( this is a slight miracle :) )


My son has made the high school
soccer team. Yay! Right?

Just please pray all of the paperwork works out in time for him to play the tourney this weekend. They need him.......and they need me, as a driver.


Please pray for my doctor, who is my friend as well. His wife is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.


Let's all pray for our college students who have recently started or returned to school this week. Or next...... Or whenever.

Let us prayer for academic success and emotional health.


Praying for a special employment issue.


And lastly, for our new homeschool year. For perseverance in grace and academic pursuits.


Chari........ Writing from her cell phone while sitting in a car in the dark waiting for my sons who are helping the soccer coaches. Such good boys. The only ones still here helping......out of only four who stayed behind to help in the first place.

God bless!


  1. We have a lot to pray for and thank for.
    Good night.

  2. Thank you, Edgar!!

    We do!

    Good morning! :)


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